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some installed fonts not available in Office apps

Postby TGluIE1jRG93ZWxs » Sun, 18 Dec 2005 12:25:01 GMT

I have a large document prepared in Word 2002 on a PC ready to go to the 
printer (comapny, not machine).  The printer has said that I can not apply 
styles to any fonts I use, but instead must use the true font.  The doc is in 
Times New Roman, which is fine, but throughout I want to italicize words for 
emphasis.  Although Times New Roman Italic is installed in my font foler, it 
is not available in any of my Office apps.  I've also noticed that its 
representative icon in the fonts folder is an "O" as opposed to the "TT" I'm 
used to seeing for True Type fonts, although its properties indicate it is a 
True Type font.  In case this was a driver issue, I tried setting each of the 
three (different) printers in my house as the default printer and then 
opening the document each time to see if the italic font was available, but 
no luck.  Any help?  Thanks.

Re: some installed fonts not available in Office apps

Postby JoAnn Paules [MVP] » Sun, 18 Dec 2005 12:43:19 GMT

O is OpenType. From  http://www.**--****.com/ 
"The OpenType format is an extension of the TrueType SFNT format that also 
can support AdobePostScriptfont data and new typographic features. 
OpenType fonts containing PostScript data, such as those in the Adobe Type 
Library, have an .otf suffix in the font file name, while TrueType-based 
OpenType fonts have a .ttf file name suffix.
"OpenType fonts can include an expanded character set and layout features, 
providing broader linguistic support and more precise typographic control. 
Feature-rich Adobe OpenType fonts can be distinguished by the word "Pro," 
which is part of the font name and appears in application font menus. 
OpenType fonts can be installed and used alongside PostScript Type 1 and 
TrueType fonts."

I don't understand why your printer can't handle something as simple as 
italicized font. Seems like a pretty basic task. Have you tried working with 
him? Perhaps he is misphrasing something? Perhaps you misunderstood 


JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]

Re: some installed fonts not available in Office apps

Postby TGluIE1jRG93ZWxs » Sun, 18 Dec 2005 12:56:02 GMT

Unfortunately, I didn't misunderstand.  In this printer's guidelines, as with 
other printers that I researched, it was indicated that if you apply 
stylization fo some fonts, it generally wil not work correctly when sent to 
an imagesetter.  I am sending them the file to them as a PDF, and had thought 
that that would eliminate any problems.  However, I will see if I can work 
with them and come up with a solution.  Thanks.

RE: some installed fonts not available in Office apps

Postby VGVkTWk » Mon, 19 Dec 2005 01:12:02 GMT

Lin: If you have an italic font installed in your Fonts folder, then it *is* 
available to Office apps, even though it's now shown on the font dropdown. 
Just choose the base font name and apply italic formatting - that will 
utilize the separate italic font file, and not merely incline each letter. In 
many fonts you can tell by looking at the lower-case "a" - in a true italic 
font it will have a different shape than in the plain. 

RE: some installed fonts not available in Office apps

Postby TGluIE1jRG93ZWxs » Wed, 21 Dec 2005 10:46:02 GMT

Ted, this makes abundant sense, and is what a friend of mine was surmising.  

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