is their a free down load for win 98/is office 2000 comp with9

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  • 1. some installed fonts not available in Office apps
    I have a large document prepared in Word 2002 on a PC ready to go to the printer (comapny, not machine). The printer has said that I can not apply styles to any fonts I use, but instead must use the true font. The doc is in Times New Roman, which is fine, but throughout I want to italicize words for emphasis. Although Times New Roman Italic is installed in my font foler, it is not available in any of my Office apps. I've also noticed that its representative icon in the fonts folder is an "O" as opposed to the "TT" I'm used to seeing for True Type fonts, although its properties indicate it is a True Type font. In case this was a driver issue, I tried setting each of the three (different) printers in my house as the default printer and then opening the document each time to see if the italic font was available, but no luck. Any help? Thanks.
  • 2. Outlook 2003 reports Exchnage is in recovery mode with one mailbox
    Outlook 2003 is running on Windows XP Professional over a 10 meg pipe to a Windows 2003 SBS with Exchange. When I start Outlook, it reports that for this mailbox Exchange is in the Recovery mode and would I like to connect, work offline, or cancel. When I select connect, it does so fine and the mailbox comes up. I am then able to perform Outlook tasks. Other users on the same Exchange server from the same client, except different log ons, do not receive the same warning. I have looked at the Exchange server event logs and do not see any warnings or errors. Could this be a problem with the one mailbox or something in the Outlook profile ? TreeMaster -- Osage Arboretum
  • 3. Replacing template calendar pictures
    Can I replace existing template calendar pictures with my own?
  • 4. what does it mean by activate the software?
    i borrowed my friend's microsoft office professional edition 2003 cd and everytime i open one of the office programs like word, or powerpoint, a box shows up and tells me if i want to activate my software through internet or telephone and i clicked on internet. then it stated to activate but then another box shows up and says there was a communication error and try again in a few minutes..what do i do?..

Re: is their a free down load for win 98/is office 2000 comp with9

Postby dGVycnk » Sun, 01 May 2005 01:14:05 GMT

new question:) what version of ms word would work with my windows 98 with 
out crashing. i know 97 would be great if i could find one. is word 2000 
compatiable with windows 98. [also is their a word program in ms works that 
is compatiable]

Re: is their a free down load for win 98/is office 2000 comp with9

Postby Don MI <> » Sun, 01 May 2005 03:47:00 GMT

Versions of Word up to and including Word 2002 are compatible with Windows 
98.  Word 2003 is not compatible.  The current Works Suite includes Word 


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rgds, David with so many thanks!

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