I can not open the backup file I have saved to an external hard d.

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    how does the office 2003 junk filter learn how to get rid of junk mail? i have run office 2003 for ages now and it still lets loads of junk mail through. does it learn simply when you make a mail part of the junk sender lists or is it cleverer than that. i have my junk filter set to high. secondly how do i add more than one mail to the junk senders list at a time. if i have 2000 spam mails that i want to add to my spam list , adding them indiviually is really time consuming..
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    Hi Guys this one is weird!!! >Went to a friends place cos Word would not open, and system just froze out >!! > >System is full licence job and all software is legit! >I uninstall Office 2000 Small business and put on old copy of Word 97 and it >all works fine! >Grabbed Office 2000 and installed over --- Same thing Crash and burn!! >Uninstalled office and put Word97 back on everything fine -- PC is ok ram >seem good HDD not doing anything odd. >Can you enlighten me or is this a Twilight Zone one? >

I can not open the backup file I have saved to an external hard d.

Postby UGV0ZXIgUT8 » Wed, 01 Dec 2004 08:45:03 GMT

I can not open the backup file I have saved to an external hard disk. The 
backup is .dat and I can not open it.

I can not open the backup file I have saved to an external hard d.

Postby Chuck Davis » Wed, 01 Dec 2004 10:06:29 GMT

hard disk. The 
I believe that .dat is the extension for the Apple version.
Simply rename to .doc

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