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Opening a new window with an Office program

Postby U2hlcmkgRw » Sat, 20 Sep 2008 02:27:01 GMT

When I open more than one window of either Word or Excel, the second window 
goes off the screen and no matter what I try I cannot get it to show 
properly.  I end up closing and re-opening until it opens correctly.  Has 
anyone else experienced this?  There are two of us at work that experience 
this on an intermittent basis, but it is severly annoying.  Any insight would 
be beneficial.  Thanks.

Re: Opening a new window with an Office program

Postby Peter Foldes » Sat, 20 Sep 2008 02:47:33 GMT

Works perfectly here. I just tested it and repeated it 2 times.
What I notice though is that 1 window hides over the 2nd window. But it is there. Look in your taskbar and you will see both windows open


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Re: Opening a new window with an Office program

Postby U2hlcmkgRw » Sat, 20 Sep 2008 03:53:01 GMT

Sorry.  I didn't make my question clear.  The problem isn't that I can't see 
the window, the window is cut off and I can't maximize it to fit the screen.  
Somehow the computer is not recognizing that it is falling off the screen.  I 
have tried to select the restore option and the window is then minimized.   
Its strange.

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I need help..seriously, and I'm not alone, as it seems there are seemingly 
hundreds, if not thousands of people using Office 2007 having the same issue, 
and it's probably one you've already heard.

I've searched high and low for a solution to my issue, but after nearly a 
dozen hours of research and trying different methods to solve this problem, 
nothing has changed. 

Anyway, here's the deal. Every time I open an Office program the Windows 
Installer popup window (at least that's what I believe it is) comes up and 
"Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007" and 
kindly shows a bar of progress at the bottom. The bar cycles through a few 
times and the window disappears.

After this, another, larger window pops open (the design of which seems 
related to Office 2007), and gives this message at the top:
"Configuration Progess", along with "Configuring Microsoft Office Ultimate 
2007", and another bar which shows progress at the bottom.

The whole process takes about 2-4 minutes every time I open up Excel or Word 
for instance, which is 2-4 minutes longer than I really should have to wait 
after spending all that money on a seemingly robust software package. It's 

Also, Outlook (one major reason I bought the software) does not seem to 
fully allow me to set up accounts, as it "reinstalls" each time it starts.  
Additionally, I'm not sure if the SP1 Updates have really been able to 
successfully install or not.

Just so you know, I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate (x64) on a very capable 
machine, and I did have Office 2003 installed, but uninstalled it, prior to 
installing 2007. 

I've tried many things that have been suggested in my internet searches: 
repairing the install, uninstall-reinstall, registry cleaner software, 
changing permissions in the registry (which nearly killed my machine- but 
restored it back), among others..

I'm at a loss, mentally (and financially) now that I have a (nearly) 
worthless set of programs. Does anybody have any more suggestions whatsoever? 
I'm a little wary of going back to the registry, but maybe if I delete all 
keys with "Office" in the title and reinstall Office again, that would 
work?........prob not....

Any clues....anybody...

You would think the program with the least potential for compatibility or 
installation problems would be Microsoft Office, made by the same company 
that designed the OS...Oh well, not everything makes sense.

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