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membership dues database / spreadsheet

Postby dGRq » Wed, 01 Dec 2004 04:53:11 GMT

Does anyone know of a ready made template in either Access of Excel for 
keeping track of tithing in a church membership?

RE: membership dues database / spreadsheet

Postby Q2hyaXMgU2NoYXR0ZQ » Wed, 01 Dec 2004 05:41:07 GMT

You may find something here:

Chris Schatte

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RE: membership dues database / spreadsheet

Postby dGRq » Wed, 01 Dec 2004 05:47:11 GMT

Thanks Chris...I'll look there.

RE: membership dues database / spreadsheet

Postby Q2hyaXMgU2NoYXR0ZQ » Wed, 01 Dec 2004 11:11:02 GMT

Your welcome, use your post keywords to search from.

Chris Schatte

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person doing the data entry portion and mailing out the newletters, etc. 
is just barely computer-literate, i.e. surf, check email, maybe fill out 
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hand-holding involved.  Along the way there have been some computer 
crashes and just general data entry mistakes, so the existing 'database' 
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fields).  I re-imported the .csv file as a Works db, then cut and pasted 
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annual & current membership lists, new members in last 30 days, etc.

Now, for where I want to go from here...

For better or worse, I'm probably the computer 'guru' amongst the 
available candidates, by a considerable margin.  Which means... if 
anything is going to change for the better, it's going to have to be me 
that does it.  I don't have the spare time to actually just assume the 
whole membership/newsletter role, as I'm about 20-30 years younger than 
most of the board, i.e. not retired yet ;)  So... either I have to keep 
supporting this Works database, or find a better solution - that I can 
deal with on my own terms.  I'm reasonably proficient with Excel, up to 
the point of simple macros.  Actual VBA programming is something I'm 
just starting to learn.  Given that this is a non-profit club, just 
buying a pre-canned solution off the shelf isn't a viable option; I'd 
still have to support it, and likely not be able to get at the guts of 
it if I needed to.  And they tend to be priced for deep pockets ;)  We 
aren't actually doing anything *that* complex with our membership list 
at the moment - tracking who's paid up and who isn't, and generating a 
mailing list for printing labels for the newsletter.  There's a number 
of other things I'd like to do in addition or instead of the way we are 
doing things now, but none of them seem to really require a full 
relational database... but they start to get a bit involved in terms of 
manipulating a flat list - I think, anyways.  In a perfect world I'd 
prefer building something that could run on Excel if a person has it 
installed, or OpenOffice if they don't i.e. somewhat platform agnostic.

So... would I be heading in the right direction to try to migrate this 
scenario over to an Excel spreadsheet?  I can see having a master 
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as a data entry form for entering / viewing single records.  That's just 
for starters.

Any suggestions or advice?



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