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    Hi all, i am having an issue while trying to access certain type of clipart through any application in the office suite. For example, when looking for a pic of a piano it does a search and finds clipart. Yet, this pics are not shown, just the illustration that it is a picture. At which time the application also will hang and prevent us from doing anything else. I would appreciate anyones assistance. This does not occur with all clipart. The reason i picked piano was due to classroom book asking to insert this clipart. Thank you
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    When saving to a USB memeory key and also to the A drive i get a message from Windows Explorer saying "The target cannot handle this type of document". All my files continue to save correctly without any problems but i'm curious to know why this message comes up and also what does it mean?????
  • 3. adding a dictionary
    dear word gurus here comes the question.. after the installation of office xp(ENGLISH) I have dictionaries of english and french.. I also need the turkish and german tools. for that reason I ve borrowed office xp (turkish) which includes the required languages from a friend and made a custom installation by adding only the dictionaries.. however the system assumes that there are two office softwares.. some items on start menu are repeated like open a new document and the turkish expression of the same.. i dont want to switch to the turkish office xp completely, so is there any method to add dictionary in the current office? or in other words.. how can I find another dictionaries and add them under tools>options>spelling&grammar.... is it possible to pull out from turkish office installation cd.. (i ve searched through it but i could not find) on any place in internet? thank you for your interest
  • 4. Trying to Download Adobe
    I've been trying forever to download Adobe, and have not been successful. Everytime I download I'm not successful. Sometimes I just try to open Adobe and I get this message: "Error 1327, Invalid Drive D" and other times I save to the C drive under Program files and get this response: "Fatal error during installation". What am I doing wrong? Any help will be appreciated. Joan

Ink and Annotations Toolbar

Postby Y3dz » Tue, 28 Mar 2006 07:46:44 GMT

I have a new Tablet PC, running Office, but when I click on Toolbars, there 
is not Ink and Annotations toolbar with which to use the handwriting 
function.  Do I need to download this or is it available elsewhere?

Re: Ink and Annotations Toolbar

Postby JoAnn Paules [MVP] » Tue, 28 Mar 2006 12:54:23 GMT

I would suggest posting your question in a newsgroup that is for Tablet PCs 
to make sure you get a correct answer.


JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]

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