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Printing one page in Internet Explorer

Postby James Silverton » Wed, 10 May 2006 06:22:10 GMT

Hello, All!

I frequently want to print just one page from a web site, often 
the first, but more often than not the printout is a few lines 
larger than one page so, unless I take the two or three steps to 
restrict the printing to page 1, I get an extra useless page. 
Does anyone know how I could set up something like a macro to 
just print page 1 or better, the visible screen?

James Silverton
Potomac, Maryland, USA 

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1.Print page setup, print, preview does not work on Internet Explorer 7 and outlook 2003

Two PC at the same time running MacAfee security would not allow
internet access and MacAfee could not run the Virus program . By
manual removing MacAfee the PC's were able to get internet access
again. But all HTML document can't be printed from outlook or IE7. All
print function in a html (page setup, print, preview) cause the
application to hang.  No window comes up.  No other error.  All other
program file type print (word, excel, pictures, pdf)
It was also noted that in explorer when Search is selected none of the
information in the left hand side is displayed. 
Another event that happens now at boot  to follow this problem is
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Action taken;
Reinstall windows SP2, ran office 2003 repair, reinstall updates and
removed and replaced IE7 
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"BRRNESE" wrote:

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First be sure that the printer you want to use is selected as the default 
printer and then go to the Printer properties and select Landscape instead of 
portrait .
Open IE properties and click on Advanced tab and scroll down to the Printing 
option and uncheck the check box for printing background and images.

Uninstall the Printer and download the latest Driver for it from the 
Manufacturer website.
Let us know.

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Hi. I got this code from Microsoft website, but it is for VB. Could someone 
help me to adapt or add some coding so I can run it from VBA?

Private Sub PrintHelpPage()

    ' Create a WebBrowser instance. 
    Dim webBrowserForPrinting As New WebBrowser()

    ' Add an event handler that prints the document after it loads.
    AddHandler webBrowserForPrinting.DocumentCompleted, New _
        WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventHandler(AddressOf PrintDocument)

    ' Set the Url property to load the document.
    webBrowserForPrinting.Url = New Uri("\\myshare\help.html")

End Sub

Private Sub PrintDocument(ByVal sender As Object, _
    ByVal e As WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventArgs)

    Dim webBrowserForPrinting As WebBrowser = CType(sender, WebBrowser)

    ' Print the document now that it is fully loaded.

    ' Dispose the WebBrowser now that the task is complete. 

End Sub


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