Is there a template for W-2's?

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    Trying to resize an image with MS Picture Manager, using the Custom Height & Width option. The Aspect ratio is very strange and it will not resize in proportion. How can this be changed. We used to use MS Photo Editor, which was very easy, but this product does not seem to perform in the same way at all..... It seems to swap the width and height dimensions in some way. Very strange. Any advice welcome. Thanks.
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    On my Windows 2003 terminal server, the user profiles get mixed up. Since the installation of a post SP3 patch for OfficeXP (Q832332), I experience the following: When I open, close a Word document, the documents I opened are shown in the "recent documents list" of my colleque. Also auto recovery documents created for me are shown in his Word. Further more. The inof I add in userinformation in Word is added to my colleque's settings. So I mean: in Word, Tools, Options, User information. It looks like we use the same But we both specified a diffirent location through settings in Word. (tools, options, file locations) I have reinstalled Office but that didnt work. Also i deleted our (roaming) profiles and then reinstalled Office. And that didnt work either. Thanks. Greetz Wouter
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    This picture manager is a great addition to MSOffice, but it would be helpful if it had a "View all pictures as a Slideshow" feature (I can't seem to find one !)

Is there a template for W-2's?

Postby Vy0yJ3M » Thu, 05 Jan 2006 08:19:02 GMT

I want to type W-2's on excel.  Is there a template?

Re: Is there a template for W-2's?

Postby Herb Tyson [MVP] » Thu, 05 Jan 2006 08:32:56 GMT

I'd be surprised if the IRS didn't have fill-in PDFs for that purpose. 
However, if you want an Excel template, there appears to be one here:


I haven't explored that site beyond simply finding it with Google. I've no 
connection with esmartpayroll and don't don't if it's really smart or not.

Herb Tyson MS MVP
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