Installation Error Setup cannot find EnterpriseWW\EnterpriseWW.msi

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    Ever since I installed my D-Link Bluetooth adapter, whenever I start a Microsoft Office application, my firewall pops up with an alert that there is communication on Port 37926 with UDP. The remote address listed is (which is, of course, the local IP of my computer). 37926 is supposed to be in the range of unused ports. When I allow port communication, my computer crashes (firewall logs show it crashes my firewall. After several unsuccessful attempts at resolving the problem with D-Link, I've traced the problem to a context menu item that the software adds to Microsoft Office. Using Microsoft Word as an example: when I go to "File > Send To", there is a Bluetooth entry. Now, I've tried going into Customize menus, and deleting the menu entry, but the entry comes up again when I restart Word. I've searched all the Word macros (my Macro security is set to High), to no avail; and the only COM add-in is Web Page Wizard. After doing a Google, I see that this is firewall independent and that no solution is evident. So, my question is, *** HOW does Bluetooth add this menu item to Office, and how do I remove it? *** (as an added question - is there a way to protect Office from having applications install add-ins and Macros???) Thanks! Bill.
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    I purchased MSO professional everything went great until I tried to ope Outlook. That's when I got the error messages (missing msfsmenu.ecf an msfsprop.ecf) does that mean something is wrong with the CD? Should return it

Installation Error Setup cannot find EnterpriseWW\EnterpriseWW.msi

Postby S3VuYWw » Tue, 15 Jul 2008 04:06:04 GMT

When I am trying to install Office 2007 in Vista Home Basic, its giving an 
Error - 'Setup cannot find EnterpriseWW\EnterpriseWW.msi. Please specify a 
valid location.' The EnterpriseWtW contains a file EnterpriseWW.msi, even 
then it is giving this error. I had installed this previously and it had 
installed fine. But this time when I tried to install it after formatting my 
m\c, its giving this error. 
Kindly help.

Re: Installation Error Setup cannot find EnterpriseWW\EnterpriseWW.msi

Postby Sunny » Thu, 31 Jul 2008 09:50:01 GMT

Hi Kunal

I would suggest you select custom install and then install one application
at a time from office 2007 installation. The usually appears if there is a
memory Error in the RAM installed on the memory.



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