enlarging email size?

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    To start, i had Office XP and Office 2003 installed. When trying to upgrade to 2007, it seemed to check the computer and go ahead with the installation. toward the end of the installation, it would get an error and the only way out is to rollback. Tried numerous times. With some internet research, it seems like something was conflicting so I uninstalled both Office XP and 2003. Now im trying to install 2007 and it asks for the CD of a previous version. I have used the CDs for both of the older versions and its saying it isnt an upgradable version. Next I tried reinstalling both XP and 2003 and then installing 2007 again and its still asking for the CD or location of a previous version. Ive tried both with the CDs as well as pointing to where I just installed the previous version. I also have Works that came with the computer which the box says is a qualified upgrader and still nothing. So whats the problem and where do I go from here?
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    Good Day, We have started putting Office 2007 out on our desktops and I have been getting a lot of complaints on the color scheme that the new Office has. A lot of my users are saying that the color is way too bright. I only see three color schemes which you have to go to in the other office products; they are Blue Silver and Black. I looked on the web site and I did not see any there. Is there any where else that I am missing? Thanks Adam Raff
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enlarging email size?

Postby Y291bnRyeW11ZmZpbg » Fri, 27 May 2005 03:38:25 GMT

I just downloaded office 2000 and I don't seem to have the 'scynchronize' in 
my tool box. when I downloaded office it asked me if I wanted to ignore 
emails larger than.....I said yes not knowing how large/small that was. some 
of my emails are being deleted or sent back because of size now. how do I 
change this back???
thanks for your help

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