Office XP installed over W98 crashes when computer left idle

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    I've recently had to do a complete recovery of my operating system. I'm up to date on all Windows XP Home editions and critical updates. Now I'm trying to install Office XP Professional version 2002. It won't install. I've had a message "install server not responding." I checked the task manage during set up and saw that STARTEAK.exe was running at 99%. At one time the the system was just idling. Have I got too many updates in place for the discs I purchased to install?
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Office XP installed over W98 crashes when computer left idle

Postby Sean Conlin » Mon, 17 Nov 2003 12:37:09 GMT

Office XP installed over W98 crashes when computer left 
idle for more than about 10 minutes. Screen goes to the 
Blue screen of death. Can not reboot through Cntrl-Alt-
Del. Must do a hard reboot (turn power on/off). Please 

W98 Version 4.10.2222 A
Office XP (looks like version 10.2614.2625)

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Rather than using the web to validate tel M Soft 
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>-----Original Message-----
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