Restoring Office 2007 Trial Version After Uninstalling

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Restoring Office 2007 Trial Version After Uninstalling

Postby cGxhbnRv » Sun, 16 Aug 2009 05:13:01 GMT

My new computer came with the trial version of office 2007.  At the time I 
did not want to use it and subequently uninstalled the trial version and went 
back to using office 2003.

My work has now bought a licence key for Office Small Business 2007 for me 
to use but since I have uninstalled the trial version is there anyway to get 
it back or can I download the trial version from MS and would it let me 
activate it using the code I have?  I have a code which is an oem code for 
New HP PC's.

I cannot restore the trial version on my pc - no disc and nothing in the 
program restore for it either, using Windows Vista Home Premium.


Re: Restoring Office 2007 Trial Version After Uninstalling

Postby DL » Sun, 16 Aug 2009 07:00:53 GMT

The key from an HP oem version of office will only work with the HP oem 
provided software, and a Trial version is not such.
In order for you to have perminently activated your origonal Trial version 
you would either have had to purchase a key from MS, or for you to have 
purchased an office pkg, uninstalled the trial then installed from the cd 
you purchased.

Re: Restoring Office 2007 Trial Version After Uninstalling

Postby LVTravel » Sun, 16 Aug 2009 12:06:48 GMT

You need to get the disk for Office SBE from your employer who provided the 
key.  A retail or volume license key will not activate a downloaded trial 
version of the software.  If this was purchased by the employer under the 
home use rights program you need to contact the employer for either the 
install media or the location to download the install media. 

Re: Restoring Office 2007 Trial Version After Uninstalling

Postby Peter Foldes » Sun, 16 Aug 2009 13:20:53 GMT


Besides the 2 excellent answers that was already posted for you ,what makes you 
think you can use the key from the SBE to activate a Office Trial which by no means 
is not a SBE 2007 Trial but rather one of the Office suites that is purchasable by 
Retail. And a Office Trial is not an OEM


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Re: Restoring Office 2007 Trial Version After Uninstalling

Postby Jeff Strickland » Sun, 16 Aug 2009 14:07:11 GMT

On my machine with the Trial Version of Office '07, I do not recall using a 
product key or any other activation process because the product runs for 
free for 60 days then stops running, or runs Word basically as a Rich Text 
editor at best, but would logically shut all Office aps down entirely.

I uninstalled Office '07 before the end of the tiral, but I don't remember 
any registration or activation process at all. I have two Vista machines 
with the Trial Version, and we used the trial on one of them and it was very 
easy to start using it while it was free. Perhaps the trail ended, and I 
loaded Office '03 or Office '00 instead of buying the key to validate the 
Free Version to a Full Version -- I don't recall if it was small business of 
home & student. I just used it while I could then stopped.

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