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    I have the following situation: Windows Server 2003 (SP2) 64bit, Office 2003 english,Office Multi Language Interface (german). The Office Installation went corrupt and the administrator deleted the Office 2003 english first and then second Office 2003MUI The Server was rebooted and Office 2003 english was reinstalled. When Office MUI will be installed it says that Office 2003 should be installed first but Office 2003 is allready installed. It seems that the Office 2003 MUI is allready installed and not removed. Can i remove the Office 2003 MUI with a DOS command or something? Can i install Office 2003 MUI with a DOS command or somehting?
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    Just purchased a new laptop with VISTA. But BEST BUY tells me that I can't upgrade from Office Pro 2003 because the NEW laptop doesn't have the suite. Even CompUSA is saying the same thing. I'm a REGISTERED 2003 owner, and I've got the Office 2003 discs used to upgrade my old laptop. During the installation of 2003, I pointed the software to look at my cdrom where I placed my Office 2000 disc for verification. Is this TRUE? Doesn't Office 2007 allow the user to install via pointing to the cdrom for verification of my Office 2003 disc? Just because I purchased a new laptop of VISTA, I have to purchase the FULL VERSION OF 2007?
    I ran Detect & Repair for an Oulook 2003 Pro issue and now all MSO products come up with a dialog that says the applications are not install for the current user. I am 100% that I chose the option to keep my current settings. How do I get the apps to connect to my login? WinXP SP2 3Ghz P4, 3Gb Ram, 160Gb free HD.

Office 2003 CIW Documentation

Postby Swish » Fri, 05 Dec 2003 15:28:47 GMT

Hi Guys/Girls,

I'm currently working through page 10 of the CIW "Change 
Office User setting".

My problem is that I cannot seem to find any real 
documentation on the settings that CIW can modify.

If you have a document that contains the settings/options 
that can be modified by the CIW and what the MS defaults 
on these options can you please email it to me.

Many Thanks.

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