Configuring & Setup: Does it Each Time Started ?

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  • 1. accessing word
    Hi, I've got multiple folders on a W2K3 server with Windows 2000 Pro on the w/s. This is a blanket question, hopefully I can get some input. I've accessed a few shared folders on the server accessing Word documents, they are being pulled over extremely slow, to the point of getting a cup of coffee, and hoping they're there when you get back. All programs and everything else is running just fine. We're using Office XP on the w/s. We are using switches as well 10/100mb. This seems to be happening to just a select few docs, about 20 or so, and it happens to pretty much any w/s that tries to access them. Any input would be appreciated, Craig
  • 2. Office XP SP3 Admin Install doesn't like 832332,
    (according to Howdy- I've updated our corporate Office XP admin installation point with SP3, as well as some of the recent Security patches, most notably the JPEG vulnerability (832332) Client machines seem to update okay with the msiexec /i %path to MSI% REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomu, but the tool still finds it vulnerable... The mso.dll file appears to be up-to-date, at version 10.0.6714.0. Is there something wrong on my end, or is there a know bug with officeupdate? TIA, BM
  • 3. Office 2000 will not re-install
    My Word got corrupted, I reinstalled, didn't fix. I uninstalled Office, tried re-installing couldn't. Ran Office 2K eraser now I cannot install at all. The Windows installer flashes but nothing happens. I was able to put my old Office 97 back on. I also have tried another known good set of CD's same issue. Help!!
  • 4. Why is there no Speech Recognition tab under Speech.
    I am using Windows XP with SP2 installed. I am trying to get my "Altec Lansing" microphone to record commentary for my family videos which I am burning onto DVD. The Sound Hardware Test Wizard tells me that my voice is not being detected. Also there is no Speech Recognition tab under Speech in the Control Panel. All the volume controls I can find are set at full and none of the Mute boxes are checked.
  • 5. Too many Office versions on hard disk
    I am not sure how but on my pc I have both the Standard and Professional versions of Office XP. I guess I must have installed the professional version assuming it would upgrade the standard version when I should have uninstalled it. Is it safe to uninstall the Standard version now in 'Add or Remove' programs or will this effect the patches I have downloaded? Thanks, Noel

Configuring & Setup: Does it Each Time Started ?

Postby Robert11 » Sun, 15 Feb 2009 22:03:28 GMT


Have Office 2007 Enterprise Edition.
Legal copy.  Running XP

Sometimes, but not all the time, when I go to WORD to generate a brand new 
document, it starts with the msgs
that it has to Configure first, and goes into the Setup routines.

Takes forever.

Other times WORD starts right up.

Any thoughts as to what might be happening, and how to eliminate this 
and re-setup each time ?


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itself.  I might add iTunes is the same.  It means starting the PC is an 
even more laborious process than usual.

Oh, and I have some annoying update to XML something or other that does not 
install either, and does not go away.

It is ironic that the extra memory was to improve perforamnce.  Every step 
forwards involves two steps back.

Apart from swapping to Apple (as my niece suggested), does anyone know of 
any fixes? 

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