the wizard locks up

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the wizard locks up

Postby bSBnb2xkZW4 » Sun, 04 Mar 2007 15:15:00 GMT

i try to setup office home and student and the wizard will lock up at the 
progress window.  is there any way to get around this?

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5.Constant excel lock-ups using Bloomberg add-in/DDE server


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Several of these workbooks are shared. We have been having
increasingly frequent problems with these books, very much in sync
with our upgrading of hardware for the machines they run on. The
faster the hardware, the more often we have lockups.

We have taken some of the sheets and pared down the calls to JUST
bloomberg, and we can get them to lock up fairly easily. When a
"frozen" excel session is viewed using WinDbg, we get some interesting

1. Excel is spinning inside itself somewhere, performing the same loop
forever (about 5-10 lines disassembled)

2. At any time during a freeze there will be 4 bloomberg-related
threads, two of which will be in blpdatax somewhere, it looks like
they are waiting for data and two of which will be in the middle of
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3. RPC is doing something, presumably the workbook sharing overhead.

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dde stuff, but am not positive.

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