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Installing equation editor

Postby Z2Vz » Tue, 08 Nov 2005 09:19:57 GMT

I have a legal OEM copy of Office XP Professional, and need to install 
Equation Editor. I do not have the CD, and Dell, from whom I purchased the 
computer over two years, will not assist. I do not understand why this 
feature was omitted at installation. How can I get this feature without 
without buying Office again?

RE: Installing equation editor

Postby Z2FyZmllbGQtbi1vZGll » Tue, 08 Nov 2005 10:29:37 GMT

Download the MathType trial version from 
to purchase MathType at the end of the trial period, it will go into reduced 
functionality mode, but will still generally function like the Equation 
Editor that comes with Office XP.

RE: Installing equation editor

Postby Z2Vz » Tue, 08 Nov 2005 17:08:02 GMT

Thanks, That worked.

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Bob Jones
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< XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
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> Hello,
> I am trying to install the equation editor from my Microsoft Word v.X
> install CD, but have been stymied so far. I first insert the CD, double
> click on the value pack folder, and open the value pack installer.
> Everything seems to work fine to that point. I then select the Equation
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> 1008:5,-5000 Access denied error
> "OK" is the only option, which then brings up "An error occurred that
> prevented the process from completing."
> Does anyone have any insight into this problem? I'm running OS X
> version 10.3. I'd really like to install equation editor.
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Did you specifically select the Equation Editor from Microsoft Office Tools
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Insert | Object | Create New?

"Alyssa Kutska" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
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