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    Hello, I lost my registrations number, and now I have a new computer and can't register my product, therefor I can't USE it. How do I go about finding my old number? Does microsoft have it on file???
  • 2. Can't Install Office XP Standard version 2002
    I recently bought a new computer with Windows XP professional. I previously have bought MS Office XP Standard and have loaded on my 2nd computer. When I try to install this on the Windows XP Professional I get " Setup failed to locate a valid qualifying product on your machine. Please select a drive where a qualifying product can be found." Then if I select the C: drive I get Error 1608 " setup unable yo locate a qualifing product" How can I load on my computer so I have access, powerpoint etc.? Thanks, Bill
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    I am trying to set up my IPAQ with Outlook 2003 and am not having much luck with the e-mail account. I have SBC DSL and am not sure what the "Incoming mail server and outgoing mail server should read.
  • 4. lost cd product key
    I have microsoft office 2000 cd.I have lost the product key to begin installing the program what is the product key number for the 2cd set so I can install office on my brand new computer? I checked the authenticity and it is good,but I can't find the number as there is no case for the cd
  • 5. Office problems after upg from XP Home to XP Pro
    After upgrading from Windows XP Home edition to XP Professional on one PC, I am having all sorts of Office problems. Unless I am logged in as administrator, none of the programs will run correctly, I get a Windows Installer box, then a prompt asking for the CD. After inserting the CD, I get Error 1402 Could not open key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Interface\{00067063- 0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ProxyStub Verify that you have sufficient access to that key or contact your support personnel. I do have access to that key, I checked with regedt32, I also looked at Knowledgebase articles 224097 and 236592 to no avail. Also, I was going to try to remove Office and reinstall. I logged in as Administrator and tried to uninstall. After going through the uninstall routine, Microsoft Office was still in the add/remove programs list. When I clicked on Change, it just had all the programs listed as do not install (red X). Just for grins, I changed it to install all to my computer, but I still get the error 1402 when I try to run any Office application as a user other than administrator. The user I am logged in as is a local administrator. If anyone has any insights to this problem, please post here or e-mail me at tvielkanowitz (at) shared-resources (dot) net Thanks --Tommy Vielkanowitz

EULA Office XP - how many copies?

Postby James » Wed, 27 Aug 2003 22:11:54 GMT

The EULA says I can load my retail version of Office XP 
Professional on one desktop plus one laptop. Is there any 
reason why I can't load it on two desktops, given that 
they will never be used simultaneously? I have a weekend 
home with a computer too. 

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I have a problem on my Office XP installation:
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I currently have Office XP Small Business 2002 installed 
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also install 1 copy on my Desktop. 

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Office XP Small Business Edition? All that I really need 
is MS Access added. Also, I currently have a lot of 
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happen to the data in Outlook if I un-installed Office 
Small Busines? I know that I could copy the Outlook.pst 
file to another location so that it doesn't get 

In the past on older PCs when I installed the Pro version 
of office over Small Business, I found that I could't 
apply service packs because of the mixed versions. So I am 
assuming that it would be best to remove XP Small Business 
edition, then install Office XP Pro.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

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