Office will not load: Only runs under master administrator account

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Office will not load: Only runs under master administrator account

Postby ZG11cmZpbg » Wed, 05 Jul 2006 22:21:01 GMT

I have installed Office 2007 Beta 2 and have been running it without problem 
for a while. Suddenly trying to load any office application results in a 
message saying "Microsoft Office <program name> has not been installed for 
the current user. Please run setup to install this application".

The account I am using is an administrator account, but the only account 
office will run succesfully on is the master administrator account. I have 
tried uninstalling the beta and removing all registry/local settings files 
several times, reinstalling from both the master administrator account and 
the one I use, ensuring it is set to install for all users. I have also tried 
reinstalling Office 2003, but the same error still occurs.

I have tried all of the possible fixes I can find on google/Microsoft KB but 
none of them work. Any help would be appreciated!

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