what is office2000's 25 character key?

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  • 1. setup.ini file revisted! LOL
    I am in the process of building a Office 2003 Setup CD Rom with the setup.ini, and a batch file. If I have a batch file that runs several office apps and a setup with the line : [ChainedInstall_1] takstype =bat path = \install. bat and the batch file: start /wait \front\setupfp.exe /Q And I get the make sure it is a windows installer Where have I gone wrong?
  • 2. Word 2003
    Automatically insert the Current Date: Followed the same method as in Office 2000. I type Nove and November appears and I click enter. Now, here's the strange part. I hit the spacebar and nothing further happens. If, however, I hit backspace then the spacebar, the date and year appear. I click enter and there's the entire date. Is this strangeness a defect in the new program?
  • 3. Public Folder - Calendar problem
    We have just updated users to Office 2003 SP1. And they are now having problems creating shortcuts to their dept calendars under the Public Folders list. What we would like to do (and this works on some user PC's), is when the user clicks on "Calendars" on the nav. pane, they should see their public folder calendar listed there under "Other Calendars". But for some reason, nothing shows up, not even the title of "Other Calendars". I have gone to the Folder List and clicked on the Public Folder calendar, and then went back to the Calendars, and still nothing. I also tried right clicking on the Public Folder calendar and doing a "Add to Favorites" but nothing shows up. I right clicked on the Folder first and did a "Add to Favorites", but still nothing. Any ideas?? Thanks
  • 4. Spellcheck trouble with Word
    Platform: Win XP Pro with Office 2000. Not networked in any way. Two users. My son, a limited user, says spell check isn't working with Word. The usual "finished" error message comes up, but he KNOWS there are misspellings. He's even created a few, just to be sure, and these are NOT words which have more than one spelling in English. Won't get to see the machine until the weekend. What clues should I be looking for? The only clue so far is that my ex-wife had a local computer shmexpert do some sort of work on the machine which included installing XP Pro. Previously, the machine had Win 98 SE with Office 2000. No idea whether he reformatted & installed fresh, or what.
  • 5. Signature Query
    I am using Outlook 2003 as part of the office suite and have noticed some pecularities. With both PC's I have set the default font and font size along with the default signature. On one PC all is fine but on the other when a new email is created, the default font size jumps from what I set it to (10) to size 12. Also when you reply, the signature does not appear. I have set it to under options. Any help is appreciated.

what is office2000's 25 character key?

Postby ZGpo » Thu, 06 Jul 2006 00:54:02 GMT

I am using a tried office 2000,It need a 25 character key when I reinstall 
the software,How to gain the key as possible as? Thank you!

Re: what is office2000's 25 character key?

Postby Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] » Thu, 06 Jul 2006 01:19:08 GMT

It is on the cd case on the orange sticker.

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After furious head scratching, djh asked:

| I am using a tried office 2000,It need a 25 character key when I
| reinstall the software,How to gain the key as possible as? Thank you! 

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