how can I download office updates without original cd's. programs.

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    I am trying to install the Office XP update. After detecting the components I need, I click on the update button but then a window pops up telling me that I have an unsupported web browser. I currently have IE6 (128bit). I downloaded and installed Netscape 7.1 but this won't work either. The Office update site still tells me I am using an unsupported web browser. Can anyone offer some advice to fix the problem? I am using Windows XP Pro.
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    Detta meddelande f jag upp n jag g in pfetagets Outlook. -Det g inte att pna den standardmapp f e-post. Det g ej att hitta programmets DLL-fil. Det g ej att hitta tjsten (PSTPRX.DLL). Kontrollera att tjsten korrekt installerad och konfigurerad.- Jag har fst att installera om Office Small Business men jag f dinte igg Outlook. Vad skall jag ga. Med stort tack pfhand Liliane Rasmussen Lim & Handtryck AB
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    I have Office 2000 and i will like to change to WordPerfect Office 2000. I can install it fine. I can also remove Office fine. But when i go and try to open a Doc in wordperfect. i cant fine it and also when i right click on the doc i dont get a option to select wordperfect.
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    I have tried everything to find a copy of sr2chk.exe to download so I can see if my office 97 service pack needs to be updated. I cannot find the file for download anywhere???

how can I download office updates without original cd's. programs.

Postby cm9uMDU4 » Mon, 20 Sep 2004 19:23:02 GMT

how can i download office updates without the original cd's . when i bought 
this computer all the programs were i have no access to cd's or 
know where the retailer sourced the programs from.

Re: how can I download office updates without original cd's. programs.

Postby Susan Ramlet » Thu, 23 Sep 2004 01:42:26 GMT

Contact your OEM to get access to the source.

What version of Office are you running?  Depending on which, you might be 
able to download full file patches or mitigate the need.

Susan Ramlet
Office MVP
Please reply to the newsgroups so that all may benefit.

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