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Compatibilty Pack Registry Question

Postby dGlseWVyZGVk » Sat, 09 May 2009 05:42:06 GMT

We are in the process of planning a migration to Office 2007.  It is our 
understanding that there is a way to use the Compatibilty Pack to force 
Office XP to save in Office 2007 format as the default.  In the interim, in 
order to leverage the smaller size of Office 2007 files, we want to do this 
but I have the following two extant questions.

1. What is the process to enable this function as the default?
2. Where in the registry can you see that the function is enabled?  (I have 
an asset reporting feature that can report on all my systems using the 
registry key and its value to determine those not yet set up and can push the 
setting remotely)

I appreciate any guidance you can give me.

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1.Office 2007 Compatibilty Pack changes MOS.dll library reference in Ac2003

Anyone experienced this?

Setup: a AC2003 app which includes a reference to "Microsoft Office 11 
Object Library" (for CommandBars, etc.)

Install Office 2007 Compatibility Pack (O2k7CP) on Developers machine, so he 
can read documents sent by Office 2007 users who won't/don't save in older 
file formats.

The AC2003 app now has reference to "Microsoft Office 12 Object Library".
If this file is distributed to a AC2003 user who does NOT have O2k7CP, they 
will get a " have a broken reference to MOS.dll version 2.4 " error at 

Verified Workarounds (without changing to Late binding):
    1) have user install O2k7CP
    2) developer uninstalls O2k7CP, changes now missing Office 12 reference 
back to Office 11 and redistributes.

It might be worth mentioning that I'm not exactly sure when the reference 
changed from 11 to 12. It may not have happened automatically when O2k7CP 
was installed, it may have required a file rebuild (import all objects into 
a new blank mdb) to trigger the 'change'.  I haven't had the time to attempt 
a change re-trigger.

I assume this would also apply to AC2002/XP, since O2k7CP can be used with 
that as well.

This caught me by surprise late Friday and I was a little ticked at the 
wholesale reference substitution with no warning whatsoever, although I can 
see how it would be necessary in order for O2k7CP to work.  It was not the 
most pleasant way to end a week :-)


2.Office 2007 Compatibilty Pack installed in Office 2000

Hello all,

After installing the Comp Pack for Office 2007, I see an issue when trying 
to open  excel and powerpoint files when using the Open dialog box. I receive 
the following errors. While In Excel, I see "The file is not in a 
recognizable format" and while in PowerPomy, I see "PowerPoint can't read the 
outline from filename. No text converter is installed for this file type". I 
installed all Office 2000 security updates that associate with Word 2000, 
Excel 2000, and PowerPoint 2000, but I am still seeing this error. The files 
open w/o a problem through Windows Explorer, but not through the Open dialog 
box. What can I do to fix this problem?

Thanks for your time


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