Excel wants to update when opened - CD not available

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    When I loaded Office 95 to my XP, I had no problem. I can use excel just fine. If someone sends me an excel file, I can't open it. The error reads "Program name.xls: file format is not valid" What is causing this? Thanks, Tim
  • 2. Updating Office 2002
    Let's see if I can jog some memory cells. About a year ago I had a client that had a copy of MS Office 2002 on their system that would keep telling them that the updates could not be completed. I researched it and found that there is an entry in an obscure file (something like and INF or INI file) that tells office if it is a valid copy and thus can be updated. As it turned out, someone in their company had installed a pirated copy of Office 2002 on their system. Anyhow, once a valid copy was installed the updated went off without a hitch. Well, I am in a similar boat. I have another client that is having some of the same symptoms. I am looking for the information as to what code/entry in what file to check for to see if it is a valid install or not but can not find the information. I have just begun searching and will continue, but thought I might send a post just in case someone out there knows what I am talking about. Thanks, Ian
  • 3. Office 2000 standard (No valid source)
    Hi I currently install Office 2000 in a windows 2000 environment with the latest patches. However, when I log in as a power user instead of an admnistrator, I was prompt a couple of times with these error message Error: 1706. No valid source could be found for product Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 standard. The windows installer can not continue I tried inserting the CD but to no avail. Please advise me Thank you
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    Will this version of Office 2000sr1 work with me?
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    'Error! Unable to check for updates on this computer 'shown on my screen when I tried to up-date my MS office, it seems I missing the .MSP file, so I was tried to uninstall my Office (intended to re-install it as to solve the problem) but failed. I really don't want to erase my entire hard disk and re-install everything again. Please, if anyone can let me know how can I fix the problem? Thanks

Excel wants to update when opened - CD not available

Postby Sally Wolfe » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 22:09:04 GMT

I downloaded the current update to Office 2000 
Professional but discovered I have misplaced my SR-1 CD.  
I had to terminate the update installation.  Now, when 
Excel starts, it tries to begin intalling the downloaded 

Until I can get a replacement CD, how do I prevent the 
installation process from starting every time I open Excel?

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