SR3 Trashed some buttons in my Excel work book

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SR3 Trashed some buttons in my Excel work book

Postby QnJpYW4 » Wed, 17 May 2006 05:02:02 GMT

I just updated with Office SR3.  I have an Excel work book that is the heart 
of my business with some radio buttons that do not work now.  First, do you 
know of a fix for this?  Second, how can I uninstall the SR3 to get back to 
the good old days?  If neither, will System Restore get rid of SR3 for me 
(I'm a little chicken to 'system restore').  Third, what idiot at Microsoft 
needs a major re-boot!!


RE: SR3 Trashed some buttons in my Excel work book

Postby QnJpYW4 » Wed, 17 May 2006 05:45:01 GMT

OK, I sort of take it back.  The new Excel had defaulted the security for 
Macros to 'High' from 'Medium', so my Macros and buttons were disabled.  
Everything is back to normal now.  Scared the hell out of me though.  The guy 
at Microsoft can keep his job, but could be reminded not to mess around with 
peoples settings.

Brian (humbled a bit)

RE: SR3 Trashed some buttons in my Excel work book

Postby YW5uaWU » Wed, 17 May 2006 06:55:01 GMT

I had to laugh at your posts Brian. I just upgraded over the weekend and have 
had nothing but headaches since. So many things were changed, settings, the 
SP2 or whatever the latest greatest flavor of "security" has caused me 
NOTHING BUT HEADACHES and I wish now I had never upgraded. 

Good luck, hope you get everything straightened out, I am still working on 
many things with Word, havent had the heart/nerve/etc to go to Excel yet. 


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