office xp service pack 2 wont install

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  • 1. Office Small Business 2003 and SP3
    Hi My machine is running pretty good at present and wondering if I should load this patch. Other than IExplorer freezing up now and then things are running fine. My question is,,,,, does f it aint broke, don fix itapply to this patch? Thanks in advance for any comments, Ray
  • 2. Updates and Reboot
    In Windows XP Pro Updates were recently done; I do not know if updates were XP or Office. Now the machine always says: "The computer must be restarted before updating can continue" Every time I reboot. I tried to do manually NEW updates found nothing but still get the error. I deleted all Temp files still the same. Only one user and administrator. I do not know what to try next.
  • 3. Office Home & Student pack
    We are currently trialling the OneNote application and the Office Home and Student pack. Happy to say that we are satisfied with the new excel and word applications and will be purchasing them. However we are unsure whether there is extra functionality in Excel and Word as supplied in the full or professional package against those supplied with Home and student 2007 package here in the UK. My son believes that he will also need a copy of Access for his studies. Question is whether we should buy H&S 2007 and then, perhaps, an upgrade version of Access or do we have to go for the professional package? None of the other business-style applications will be of use to us. The programs are for non-commercial use and will be used on a desktop and a laptop by myself, my wife and my son. Any comments would be most gratefully received. Kenneth
  • 4. problem with microsoft office home and student 2007 version
    i have a new laptop with trial version of office home and student 2007 version. as per instructions i have generated activation key and done everything what was told .but i am still not able to write on may word or excel .some how it always show that trial key was a success but the trial is not activated. please help .thanks
  • 5. Install has failed repeatedly on 3 updates.
    I cannot seem to install 3 (new) downloaded updates. Security Update for Excel 2003 Security Update for Outlook 2003 Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter I tried re downloading several times- but each time the update fails to install for these 3 updates. All other updates were successfully installed. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Neilio

office xp service pack 2 wont install

Postby lee » Sun, 31 Aug 2003 05:22:07 GMT

it says there is a file missing! E:/
how is that and is there a fix please!?


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everytime i try to install the update, ms office xp 
service pack 1i get an error message

error message 1328. error applying patch to file 
config.msi\pt1bf.tmp it has probably been updated by 
other means. 

does this mean i do not need the service pack? if not why 
does the update scan say I do need it and more 
importantly how do I stop it from saying so, if I dont 
need the update? 


2.Windows XP service pack 2 and Office XP service pack 3 problem

Upon installing Windows XP service pack 2 and Office XP service pack 3 I am 
no longer able to mail merge a text document with a word template.  Once I 
removed Windows XP service pack 2, I was then able to continue using the mail 
merge feature.  By the way, while both service packs were installed I kept 
getting a message, "find data source".  Upon finding the data source and 
setting the delimiters, I was still prompted to find the data source again.  
Meaning I was not able to enter the main document until, I selected 
Options-then Remove Header/Record data source, but this did not fix the 
problem.  I had to reassociate the file, then save, but when it was opened 
again I was prompted to "find the data source" again.  What ever assistance 
you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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On a new machine which I have just installed MS Windows XP Pro and Service 
Pack 3.  I then installed Office 2007 Professional.  However none of the 
Service Packs or updates for Office 2007 will install.  They download but 
they all fail to install. So far there are 10 or 11 of them.

Never enough time to do it right but always enough time to do it over again 
and again. Especially in Windows. Service Pack 2 wont install

office Service Pack 2 wont install or the updates. office Service Pack 1 went 
in with no problems. there is a mention of the installers 3.1 causing this 
problem but got that as well. help plese


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My office 2007 will not install any service packs or updates to my pc, its 
telling me that the files were not properly installed. I Uninstalled the 
software and re-installed it. Its telling me the same thing. I tryed 
Unintstaling the trail version and offce pro 2003 still unable to someone 
please help me. 

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