Help Please i need this question answered quickly

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  • 1. Upgrade eligibililty
    I paid for a boxed version of Access 2000. I have an OEM version of PowerPoint 2002. I have a trial version of Office 2003 and the trial runs out on Jan 31. I want to buy the Office 2007 professional upgrade. I see on the MS site since I have Access 2000, I should be eligible for the upgrade price. Problem: 2007 will probably not be available by then. So I'm considering buying the 2003 Office Pro Upgrade, and then submitting for the free 2007 upgrade. However, the 2003 upgrade appears to require a previous version of the entire office, not just Access. Interesting, though, when I installed the office 2003 trial, it said it was going to update, since it found a MS office component already installed. SO, what can I economically do to maintain a working copy of Office?
  • 2. Office 2003 hotfix integration
    Hi, i will use to integrate hotfixes in my office 2003 Std. edition i install office 2003 with /a than integrate SP2 .... all works fine! i install all post sp2 hotfixes with msiexec /a [path to admin image .msi file] /p [path to patch .msp file] SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE i install this on my workstations ..... all works fine! I use windows update to verify my hotfixes... and... all sp2 post hotfixes not showing as installed The file versions are exactly same as hotfix versions files Has anyone a solution?? Best regards TOM
  • 3. Jan 10, 2007 update breaks Outlook Contacts
    Removing the GOOD CONTACTS add-in and program cured this problem. It must be incompatible with the latest patches. "Leroy" wrote: > I installed the latest updates for Windows XP Pro and Office 2003 Pro. The > result is now when I try to open individual contacts in Outlook, I get the > send report to Microsoft error box and Outlook closes. I have reopened > Outlook numerous times. The error occurs repeatedly. > Is there a fix for this update?
  • 4. Lastest Update
    I have recently updated my Office package with the latest update to find that after having installed the update both EXCEL and ENTOURAGE have dissappeared. Can anyone help me to refind them? What has gone wrong...?
  • 5. Want to add Power Point to Office2003 basic
    Hi, I have 2 such (recent) installations (German) that I want upgrade. Who may I contact for this? Or is there a Web site where I can buy it? Thanks, Hubert Retif

Help Please i need this question answered quickly

Postby SnVsaWFu » Wed, 25 Oct 2006 12:53:02 GMT

Hi all

The other day i was in internet and appears the tray icon of the Microsoft 
Updates and i let them install(The updates was Office XP SP3 and my computer 
cames with Office XP so i don't have the CD)and then a Dialog Box appears and 
says that i need to put the CD Microsoft Office XP Professional With 
FrontPage but i don't have it!!(like i tell before) so please help me,i'm a 
boy,i have 16 years old but i'm an average boy who know the computers.So 
please tell me what i need to do.

PD:The msg tell me that i need to have Proplus.msi and i download it from a 
page that in a forum put a page and the link was there.

PD2:I have too a program from name Keylogger(i think) and tellls me the 
Product Key i just only want to know how to install it.

PD3:That "bug" or something don't let me open Excel,but is so weird that 
"bug"  LET me open the others Office Programs.When i try to open excel 
appears the dialog box tell me that i need to put the CD Microsoft Office XP 
Professional With FrontPage.

                     Please help me,You'r Julian

RE: Help Please i need this question answered quickly

Postby Um9iZXJ0 » Sat, 04 Nov 2006 13:08:01 GMT

If you do not have the installation CD for Office XP, I don't believe you 
will be able to install the upgrade Office XP SP3.

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