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Office XP updates SP3 install unsuccessful

Postby VHJ1ZUVuaWdtYQ » Thu, 24 Nov 2005 18:58:02 GMT

After the auto updates goes through its thing (inc inserting Office disk) it 
tells me that the install was unsuccessful and Updates keeps trying to 
install it.

Re: Office XP updates SP3 install unsuccessful

Postby TaurArian [MVP] » Thu, 24 Nov 2005 19:25:07 GMT

How to troubleshoot failures updating your Office installation from the Office Update 
Web site

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The Office Updater saw I needed SP3.  It downloaded fine, began installation, 
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This is really annoying...  My windows update constantly comes up and tries 
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When downloading from Microsoft Office Update, this message appears:
 "Your Office products require the critical updates listed below." 

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I get this message in red:  "Installation Uncuccessful"

So, why is this happening and what should I do?
Thanks for your help!

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If you have enough hard drive space, you could copy the CD 
to the hard drive and try installing it from there.

>-----Original Message-----
>My old computer with Windows 98 SE on which I had 
>installed Office XP Professional died. So I bought a new 
>Medion computer with Windows XP Home Edition. I tried 4 
>times to install Office XP Professional, Academic 
>Edition, version 2002, but always get: "Error 1311. 
>Source file not found:  E:\OFFICE1.CAB   Verify that the 
>file exists and that you can access it."  I cannot find 
>that file. How do I install Office XP ? Your website 
>instructions do not appear to apply. Thanks. Barry  

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Downloaded the Service Pack 3 update but during the installation 
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I retried the installation without success. I then found the fullfile 
version, downloaded it, and it would not install. With 60GB of free 
disk space, having enough room on the hard drive is not a problem. 
Then I followed the next suggestion, going to KB884298. But this 
article is for Office 2003 not Office XP, so when I ran regedit the 
path as described; for download_code was not to be found. All I could 
find was 10.0\9.0\8.0 and so on.
In addition, I ran the repair option from the Add/Remove screen. When 
that failed to allow the installation of Service Pack 3 for Office XP 
Standard, I removed the application and reinstalled Office XP. I 
still can't finish the installation.
Please give my dilemma some thought and if you would, offer a 
Thank you so very much.

B. Polk

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