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  • 1. Office beta 2007 B2TR OLMAPI32.dll
    I have had success in fixing the problem! I uninstalled the MS Office 2003, then uninstalled the BETA 2007 and B2TR. Being sure that the data files were save to the Desktop. After the uninstalls I reinstalled the Beta 2007 successfully and it is working fine!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this helps.
  • 2. Office 2007 Beta2TR Problems
    I installed Beta2TR over Beta 2 and Vista Build 5384. I cannot bring up an Open or Save dialog box in Word or Excel (did not try other apps). I have since read that you need Vista RC1 for Beta2TR to work? Is that correct? I also tried to install Beta2TR over Beta 2 on WinXP and have the same problem. Does Beta2TR work with XP? I have noted the issues with Norton AntiVirus which I have, but I cannot even get to the dialog boxes. -- Kathleen S.
  • 3. After installing Office 2007 Beta2 Update I cannot open any file.
    I cannot open any Office Document after installing the Office 2007 Beta 2 update.
  • 4. Do I need to install security updates for office xp?
    Hi, I am running window xp pro and office 2003. Do I need to install the security updates for office xp that the office update page is telling me to. I have already installed all the updates for office 2003 but now they want me to download the office xp one too. Please help. Thank you, Shalimar
  • 5. Installed Office 2003, XP Office shows not activated
    I installed Office 2003, told it to remove the old Office version (XP Office). I removed the install files to save disk space after it was done. Now Windows Office Update program validation shows that Office 2003 (and Visio) are activated and fine, but XP Office isn't activated and therefore: a) It can't validate me b) I can't run the automatic Office update checker and installed I try to deinstall Office XP and it says that "the Installation Source doesn't exist. Verify the source exists and that you can access it." Of course, I wonder why it thinks that Office XP Pro is still there when I just did the update to Office Pro 2003 ... So what do I do?

Could Have sorted Office 2003 SP Probelm

Postby Branford Arms » Mon, 02 Aug 2004 23:58:42 GMT

So Simple Yet Unbeliveable, If you have probelms 
installing the SP1. just make sure you have no Office Web 
Compoments Programs in your ADD/Remove.
We had Trouble did all the usaul install uninstall, then 
we notice the PCs we were having trouble with had web 
components installed we took them out. BINGO service went 
in like a treat, no probelms when rechecked with office 
web site & the admin setup siad update already installed.
all sorted & back to normal.

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1.Deployment Office 2003 & Office 2003 SP/Hotfixes


I'm currently trying to evaluate the best way to deploy Office 2003.
Previously I used an Administrative Installation Point (AIP) and GPO to
push Office to the clients. We don't have SMS available.

I've been browsing the immense online resources microsoft provides and
this is what I have discovered:

Office can be deployed in two ways:
- Local installation source
  Cannot be deployed via GPO
  Initial depoyment still needs all SP/Patches applied.
- Administrative installation points
  Can be deployed via GPO
  Initial deployment can contain all SP/Patches

Office SP1 deployment is then as follows:
- Local installation source
  User must execute Patch/SP File
- Administrative installation points
  Admin applies patch to the AIP, then
  'redeploys' the app using GPO.

I would like to go LIS but it seems to require much more user
intervention and seems to be much less flexible than AIP/GPO.

Is there really no way to deploy LIS automated and staged to
groups of users without having them to click on a batch file?
I suppose LIS can also be deployed via GPO by using .ZAP files,
which would be an good enough alternative, since the users will
use the 'Add/Remove Programs' and won't be able to see any
commands im using in a batch file.

But then deploying SP1 also seems to be a greater hassle with
LIS compared to AIP/GPO.
With AIP I centrally apply the patch and distribute it to clients.
With LIS I will again have to run a script on the client.

Maybe there are automatic ways of running those LIS batch files at a
client, e.g. logon scripts. But I remember to have read that if I
deploy Office2003 or SP1 using logon scripts the software will get
reinstalled at every logon, which isn't an option.

Am I missing something essential?
I'd really appreciate some advice.

2.Template path probelm when Office 2003 is installed with an MST fi

I have been working on setting up an automated installtion for Offce 2003 on 
and off for a while now.  I have pretty much got all the kinks worked out for 
the setup my office will require, except for this one:
In the Office 2003 Custom Installation Wizard:
Changer Office User settings:
Under shared paths i have user templates set to %homedrive%\office\templates
under workgroup templates i have set it to our company templates shared path.
The problem is this; once the installation is complete it seems the first 
user logins and everything is fine.  If you go to word and check the files 
path locations they are set correctly (workgroup path to the network share 
and user templated to %user%\documents and setting\office\templates).  when a 
second user logs into the same machine (as some users are sharing) when 
exiting and office application an error pops up stating "The file 
was opened as read-only would you like to save it some where else" If you 
click yes the window automatically opens to the network share template path.  
I do not understand why this is happening.  I have set up many machine 
individually using the same path, for mutiple user of the same machine and 
never had an issue.  Since the user home directory will be in their profile 
its not like it should be trying to write over another user's 
template.  If anyone can suggest something it would be very helpful.  Thanks

3.I am having trouble updating Office to SP-2 with error 2746

Any help on this error when installing Office SP-2? It returns the error 
(from the log file) error 2746: Transform 2TTo2U Invalid for package. 


Thanks for any light you can throw on this. I see others have encountered 
the problem but I don't see any solutions yet. 


4.Office 2003 SP 2 update, missing SKU1E3.CAB but it's not on CD

received a notice from MS Licensing about updating Office 2003 to SP 2. I 
downloaded the full network version, (the version that's not supposed to 
require an installation CD) and tested it on one of our PC's. The install 
comes up that say's that it can't find SKU1E3.CAB and it asks me for the 
installation CD. I searched the Installation CD and there is no CAB file by 
that name anywhere on the CD.

What's up? Can I find this CAB anywhere else?

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