Service Pack 1 for Office XP Small Business

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    I am not able to check for updates. Message is that I am not administrator (untrue) or that the .msp files are missing.
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    Since installing Office 2003, we have been experiencing difficulties with the Left Side Button on the IntelliMouse Optical. I have tested it using other functions (paste, help, etc.) and those seem to work properly. However, setting it to Double Click works sometimes but not others. It works fine with Adobe products, but not with Word 2003, Excel 2003, etc. Any thoughts?
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    After upgrading Office 2002 to SP3, I have gotten everything back but my e-mail accounts. I've tried opening the previous .pst and also importing the pst file (which got back the emails themselves with folders, calendar, etc.) Does anyone know how to recover all my e-mail account info? Thanks, John Sphar San Jose
  • 4. Activating a new product.
    Hello, I need help.... I need to activate a windows product. However, I currently have windows teacher edition but it expired on 08/30/04. How do I input my new activation code? When I click on activate product, it prompt the convert option. Please advise. Thank you.

Service Pack 1 for Office XP Small Business

Postby Logan » Sun, 31 Aug 2003 02:58:02 GMT

I can not install the service pack 1 for my computer, 
When I start to install it,  I'm prompted to put in my CD 
for XP Small business, after I have done so and clicked 
OK , It tells me the path can not be found, verify you 
have access to this location, or try to find installation 
package "SBERET.MSI in a folder from which you can 
install product MS Office small business.. I don't have 
this SBERET.MSI on my computer, or just unable to find 
it. I'm un able to download service pack. 

Please Help. 

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