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  • 1. Office 2007 Beta Programs reconfigure each time
    Outlook and other 2007 Programs want to reconfigure upon launch. This does not seem related to any other program running. It is really annoying to have to wait for the status bar to fill. This seems to be worse after I downloaded the update to the Beta programs. Somehow it also is affecting my Office Pro 2003 programs. Why should that be? Microsoft has to do something about this, it is making me re-think recommending the Beta to anyone now.
  • 2. Office 2007 Apps broken after Micrsoft Update?
    The subject may be speculating a bit since I'm not quite sure what the exact cause is, but I suspect it was Microsoft Update that broke all office 2007 apps including sharepoint. The user in question gets one of these errors: The ordinal 6140 could not be located in the dynamic link library oart.dll The ordinal 6027 could not be located in the dynamic link library oart.dll She gets them every time she opens any Office 2007 Program. It was working fine Friday, and then when she logged in this morning she started getting the error immediately. I checked and there were 4 updates that ran on Friday Evening: KB923191 - MS06-057: Vulnerability in Windows Explorer could allow remote code execution KB924191 - MS06-061: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft XML Core Services could allow remote code execution KB922819 - MS06-064: Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP IPv6 could allow denial of service KB923414 - MS06-063: Vulnerability in Server Service could allow denial of service KB924496 - MS06-065: Vulnerability in Windows Object Packager could allow remote execution I suspect it was MS06-061 that broke the apps, as I know the 2007 version of office relies heavily on XML. Has anyone else had similar results? I'm going to go and check office update and see if there is an update to resolve this issue but thought I would mention in case others were getting same error. Thanks, Joshua
  • 3. Office 2000 SP3 & Newprof.exe
    After upgrading from Office 2000 to Office 2000 SP3, we've noticed that the newprof.exe in our logon scripts no longer functions. I've been unable to locate any information regarding this occurance. I'm hoping someone has run into this... JP

Office 2003 Administrative updates

Postby Matt (IS Team) » Wed, 28 Jul 2004 18:30:37 GMT

I notice that SP1 for Office 2003 is available from Officeupdate, the admin
updates are not yet on the ORK site - anyone know when they will???


Re: Office 2003 Administrative updates

Postby Matt (IS Team) » Thu, 29 Jul 2004 19:10:32 GMT

Download Center at


Thanks Alton, I guess I was just being impatient!!


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