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  • 1. How can I download my office updates when the troubleshooter is n.
    I run Windows XP Pro SP2, and I have Office XP Pro. For the past month, I haven't been able to download Office updates. I can detect the updates, but when I start the installation, it immediately says the installation was unsuccessful.
  • 2. Urgent! Excel Application error...
    Dear all, When I use Excel pivot table (connected to OLAP cube), the either one of the following error messages appeared. Warning 1: An unexpected internal error has occured. Warning 2: Excel was unable to get necessary information about this cube. The cube might have been reorganised or changed on the server. Contact the OLAP cube adminstrator and, if necessary, set up a new data source to connect the cube. Note: I have not made any change in the cube! Warning 3: The instruction at "0x77f48787" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory counld not be "read". Warning 4: The instruction at "0x77f509b5" referenced memory at "0x04633ba0". The memory counld not be "read". Does anyone encouter this problem before? How to solve this problem? Polly
  • 3. where do i get msp update files to use with the O Hot Fix utility?
    I've downloaded the Office 2003 Hot fix updater. (offinst.exe) Where do I get the msp update files that the hot fixer uses? I've found the full-file exe's, but can't seem to find the required .msp's. Thanks.

Sr 1a update

Postby Yosef Guttman » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 22:27:19 GMT

I am trying toi update some of our computers here from 
office 2000 to the sr 1a update and I keep getting an 
error that the install file is the wrong size. I tried 
deleting the install file and starting  again and still 
no luck. Any ideas would be appreciated
yosef guttman

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