Use of "user control" into project server webpart

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Use of "user control" into project server webpart

Postby » Fri, 13 Oct 2006 16:56:56 GMT

Hello everybody,

I'm beginning to create webpart on sharepoint 2007 with visual studio 2005.

I wanted to have a design view of what i'm doing so i decided to user "user

in my webpart class i do like this
    InnerControl =

in this ascx file i Have

 <%@ Control Language="VB" CodeFile="shortcut.vb" Inherits="shortcut" %>

I tried to add <%# import %> <%# assembly %>

because shortcut.vb is my webpart class, and this file is in the assembly
(GAC) How can i tell to the usercontrol, that the file who is catching his
events is shortcut.vb from the ASSEMBLY

Thank you in advance for you help


PS: I don't want to have inline code! 

Re: Use of "user control" into project server webpart

Postby Rod Gill » Tue, 17 Oct 2006 07:06:47 GMT

We're not usually professional developers in this group so I suspect you 
need to post to a SharePoint site with this problem. Project Server 2007uses 
pure WSS3.


Rod Gill
Project MVP
Visit for Project Companion Tools and more

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