Why are task bars red?

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    Does anyone have a simple/quick resolution to bring past work current? There has to be a way. I consider myself an Experience MS Project user, however, this is one but I have yet to crack. Presently, every time we rebaseline, we have to bring past work current by reviewing every line of every resource, and applying a zero actual (while in fixed duration) to move the planned work current. We can't get clean planned values without this step being done, however, with 24 work plans averaging 1500 lines, this process gets crazy. Let along I am training novice users. Please advise. Thank you
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    Hi, the default setting for MS Project is in hundredth. So 1:30 hour should be converted into 1.5, and 0:45 hour in 0.75 hour. I've never seen an option which allow us to keep the .60 minutes and just to write 1:21 hour and not 1.332 hour. the possible walk-around would be to use the minutes instead hours.... ;-) thanks a lot
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    Hi, I'm currently working on some personal application development in spiral. Therefore i would like for the first spiral round to use MS Project in the following way : - on 01.01.2006, Analysis : 2 hours - on 03.01.2006, Analysis : 4 hours - on 14.02.2006, Planning : 10 minutes and so on... i want to type in MS Project the amount of hours worked and the concrete dates. Like that after the first spiral round i will have an overview of a full development cycle, that i will use and improve for the next,...and so on.. How can i tell to MS Project that on 01.01.2006 i work only 2 hours without changing any % resource use, or other stuff like that ? thanks a lot, Alain R.

Why are task bars red?

Postby cm9iZXJ0Zg » Mon, 29 Sep 2008 03:26:01 GMT

I just created a project schedule using MS Project 2007 and I also created a 
baseline.   When I do a "View -> Tracking Gantt" I now see the task bars for 
my current schedule on top and baseline task bars just below them.  Why is it 
that some of the top task bars (for the current schedule) are colored red 
while others are colored blue?  I don't understand what this difference in 
color means.


Re: Why are task bars red?

Postby Jan De Messemaeker » Mon, 29 Sep 2008 03:55:44 GMT


Red bars are those on the critical path.
Read FAQ 42 on  http://www.**--****.com/ 

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