Why are task bars red?

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    HOw do I set up certain tasks as weeks not days?
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    Is there a way to highlight cells or rows in Project like in Excel? I'd like to be able to do this when I do live reporting.
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    Is there a method to save a Gantt view with a captured arrangement of collapsed and expanded tasks without committing to it for daily viewing forevermore? Specifically, there are views that I favor for printing or copying that are largely, but not wholly, collapsed. I would like to preserve these views without sacrificing the flexibility to expand and collapse any desired task at any time.
  • 4. Master Project Dependency Functionality
    I am thinking about using a master project to consolidate approx. 10 individual plans. I'm testing the updating process and have some questions, specifically around dependencies: Background: Currently, the 10 different plans are updated and submitted to me each week. I have created a network folder that will store the master plan and the most recent 10 subproject plans. (Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the network, so the 10 individual plans will be emailed to me and I will save to the network folder) Scenario: Master Plan, Plan A and Plan B and Task # x in Plan B has an external dependency on Task # y in Plan. New Plans A and B are submitted. I overwrite the existing Plans A & B in the network folder with the new Plans. Task # Y in Plan B is now Task # Y + 1 due to a new task being inserted. I open the Master plan and the external dependency link is maintained even though the new plan # B does not have the dependency. Question: I set up the dependency in the master plan, but I overwrote the old Plan B with the new Plan B, which does not have the external dependency defined in it, so I expected the link to be lost. How does this work? Thanks! Thanks
  • 5. Resource actual hours
    We have one resource with 100% units who was scheduled to work on a fixed units task for four hours. The four hours of scheduled work on the task also had a duration of four hours. The resource actually required 8 hours to complete the task and the Gantt Chart showed her units to increase to 200%. In other words, Project assumed the 8 hours were still done in the scheduled 4 hour duration. Essentially, when the resource entered the 8 hours, Project treated the task like it was a fixed duration task in that the work changed (from the scheduled 4 to the actual 8) and therefore the units are re-calculated. The reality is that the resource did not complete the 8 hour task in four hours, it took her all day. Why doesn't Project adjust the duration and spread the 8 hours over the 8 hour day, which would be consistent with the resources's 100% availability and with reality? Any advice and information would be appreciated.

Why are task bars red?

Postby cm9iZXJ0Zg » Mon, 29 Sep 2008 03:26:01 GMT

I just created a project schedule using MS Project 2007 and I also created a 
baseline.   When I do a "View -> Tracking Gantt" I now see the task bars for 
my current schedule on top and baseline task bars just below them.  Why is it 
that some of the top task bars (for the current schedule) are colored red 
while others are colored blue?  I don't understand what this difference in 
color means.


Re: Why are task bars red?

Postby Jan De Messemaeker » Mon, 29 Sep 2008 03:55:44 GMT


Red bars are those on the critical path.
Read FAQ 42 on  http://www.**--****.com/ 

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