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    I am an intermediate MSP user, new to MSP Server. A couple of issues I have noted using server I would like to fix if possible; 1. When the server sends out task update requests to the resources, I notice that the email the resources receive, only gives the "Task Description" and does not include the "Task ID Number". In a large project this will make it difficult for the resource to review the overall project for impact to predecessors/sucessors without paging down and reading each activity. Is there a way to turn on the Task ID Number for these messages? 2. When a resource updates a task, it appears that he/she can do so without consideration for the schedule logic, for example the resource can status a task complete before its predecessor has been started/or completed. Is this correct? Does this imply that the PMgr must carfully review each updated task to ensure the logic has not been compromised? Presumably then rejecting incorrect task status updates? Thank you.
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predecessors and successors

Postby Ingrid » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 15:57:53 GMT

I am using 4 project files linked to each other in a master
file.  The predecessors and successors don't seem to have
any pattern for when they appear and when they don't.  Eg.
a task in one project(project A) may have three successors
in another one (project B), yet only two show up in project
A in the task list of a gantt chart.  

I've tried turning the "show external sucessors" on and off
in Tools>Options but this doesn't actually hide them all or
show them all - I still get some showing and some not

Any ideas how to get some consistency with these?


Re: predecessors and successors

Postby Jack D. » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 04:39:08 GMT

I think that if all the subprojects are expanded then you will see the
But other than that, I find that they are somewhat capricious.

Please try to keep replies in this group. I do check e-mail, but only
infrequently. For Macros and other things check  http://www.**--****.com/ 

-Jack Dahlgren, Project MVP


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