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  • 1. Proposals
    Has anyone figured out a clean way to use MS Project to do a proposal? We are in the Environmental Services business, so our projects are fairly complex, including everything from geolgical drilling, soil sampling, laboratory analysis, excavation, hazardous waste transportation and disposal etc.
  • 2. Problem connecting to project server
    Hello, I have a problem connecting to Project server 2003, and this problem is the same with Project Server 2002. Problem is in noncompatible codepages. When local computer default codepage is set to Croatian I can not connect to Project server, but when I change this setting to United States (English) it works. This is the solution for this problem, but this creates another problem. Problem is that it changes the keyboard layout, an that some language specific symbols are not shown. This isn't problem for me, but users have a big problem with it. Also if some folder used this characters they can not be opened. Does anybody knows how to remove this problem without changing default codepage? Doesn's Project server 2003 support Unicode? Can someone help me?
  • 3. Printing (Large Format)
    Note: I tried posting this on the "Microsoft Project" forum, but got no bites, so I thought I'd post it here .... We are having quite a bit of difficulty print Gantt charts to our HP DesignJet 430 "plotter" (actually, 36" wide roll feed ink jet printer). Only part of the data will print, so it comes out missing the Timescale, the shading for non- working time, and the right margin. We primarily use this plotter for AutoCAD and do not have problems (although CAD does not use the Windows drivers). I have also printed, with the Windows drivers, successfully from Adobe Acrobat 5.0, ... except for PDFs of Gantt charts. Some of the dwg's and PDF's we've printeed were quite large and complex as well. Our tech dept. tried installing a new driver, but that did NOT help. I have found one article about printing to large format printers on Microsoft's "Knowledge Base," but it was not about our problem. I found nothing on HP's website about printing to the 430 from Project, period. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks, Sequoia
  • 4. Project 2003 Server Help!
    I am using Project Server 2003 on a 2000 Server, which is also the domain controller. Having a bunch of problems, one that when trying to open the sample database it says it requires Analysis Server with service pack 3 installed. I have this installed, and have reinstalled it, AND updated the included service pack, but I continue to get this message. My other problem is when I create usernames to authenticate using their Windows logon, I am still prompted for a password. I wasn't sure if Microsoft Sharepoint was required for this authentication to occur, but because we are running 2000 server, I don't believe Sharepoint is available. If I create an ID to authenticate with Project 2003 username, I am able to have the users login, however, if I originally created the ID for Microsoft authentication, and then switch it to Project authentication, no matter what password is set, it will not allow the user to login. Giving a message saying bad username/password. Help!
  • 5. Rounding Error
    I'm encountering a rounding error problem when entering tasks on my ms-project's. For some reason, it takes .02 of an hour, for example instead of putting my actuals at 50.5 hours ms-project makes it 50.48 - even though 50.5 was entered. Why is this happening? Is there a work around?

predecessors and successors

Postby Ingrid » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 15:57:53 GMT

I am using 4 project files linked to each other in a master
file.  The predecessors and successors don't seem to have
any pattern for when they appear and when they don't.  Eg.
a task in one project(project A) may have three successors
in another one (project B), yet only two show up in project
A in the task list of a gantt chart.  

I've tried turning the "show external sucessors" on and off
in Tools>Options but this doesn't actually hide them all or
show them all - I still get some showing and some not

Any ideas how to get some consistency with these?


Re: predecessors and successors

Postby Jack D. » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 04:39:08 GMT

I think that if all the subprojects are expanded then you will see the
But other than that, I find that they are somewhat capricious.

Please try to keep replies in this group. I do check e-mail, but only
infrequently. For Macros and other things check  http://www.**--****.com/ 

-Jack Dahlgren, Project MVP


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