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  • 1. Cache
    I am having some issues with cache on my test domain. The cache never deletes and the default cache size seems to be too small for anything I want to distribute. Is there an easy way of changing that cache size within the sms program? Can I distribute the advance client with a larger amount of cache initially? Any information you have on managing cache would be greatly appreciated.
  • 2. To download the Packages in Add Remove programes on SMS Client
    Hi firiends i have installed SMS 2003 in my production environment.It is working beautiful. how can i distribute the packages to the clients to be availible in Advertisements icon or download icon in the Add Remove programs in the control panel on the client machine. i want to download the package on the client machine and then run it. Please advice Regards Fasahat
  • 3. Distributing Packages
    Hi I have setup a remote server as a distribution point, current packages are setup to run from the distribution point on the site server and the command line is a UNC pointer to the files. Eg. \server1\smspackages\nnnn.exe. The packages have been distributed to the new distribution site successfully but how will they run from there is the command line of the package point to the site server. cheers -- Darren
  • 4. Collection from Report
    Aloha, Is it possible to create a SMS collection based upon the results of a report. In particular I would like to create a collection for all Computers with Office XP installed on the system. Thank You
  • 5. Nothing deploys
    I have SMS 2003 with SP1 installed and cannot deploy any software. I tried running a program that simply copied a file to my machines but nothing ever happens. It will show up as advertised but never actually executes.

Microsoft Patches

Postby WW1hbg » Thu, 21 Sep 2006 22:34:02 GMT

Hello everyone,

Lately I had two packages I deployed which came back with this message " The 
program was able to be executed but the system was restarted unexpectedly 
before the program could be completed or before status could be recorded. No 
installation status MIF was found after the system restarted.

Possible cause: The program performs a restart of the client computer when 
it completes, but the 'After running' setting in the program's properties is 
not set to Program restarts computer, or the client machine was restarted 
while the program was running.
Solution: Verify the above. If the program does a restart when it completes, 
even if it only requires a restart in some cases, modify the program's 
properties and set 'After running' to 'Program restarts computer'".

When I build the package I postponed the restart, I checked the machine they 
had the package installed but I only get the email with Unexpected restart. 

Any ideas !!


RE: Microsoft Patches

Postby Q2hyaXMu » Fri, 22 Sep 2006 03:18:02 GMT

You can use sms installer to invoke the patches with command line options 
that will suppress restarts. In my situation I cannot use the automatic 
updates so I package them with sms installer and deploy them in one shot. I 
suppress restarts and other notifications so that the target machine 
completes the install in the background and then restarts one time.

RE: Microsoft Patches

Postby WW1hbg » Fri, 22 Sep 2006 04:41:02 GMT

Thanks Chris,

I'll try that.

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