Oracle Database 10g Client Release 2 ( as MSI-package

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Oracle Database 10g Client Release 2 ( as MSI-package

Postby packman » Sat, 23 Sep 2006 15:51:37 GMT

Does anyone know if there is any tool or any guidelines for
converting/creating a MSI-package out of an Oracle Database 10g Client
Release 2 ( . 


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1.Oracle Database 10g Client Release 2 ( as MSI-package

Does anyone know if there is any tool or any guidelines for
converting/creating a MSI-package out of an Oracle Database 10g Client
Release 2 ( .


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4.Oracle adapter strange behavior between Visual Studio and msi package

On a development computer with Visual Studio and Biztalk Server.

When we create a new orchestration include an Oracle adapter, the 
orchestration working fine within the Visual Studio environnement. But when 
we publish the orchestration creagting a MSI package and install the package 
on the biztalk Server, nothing happens except a strange error like the 


Failed to send notification : System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException:
Underlying connection was closed: Either there was a fatal error on the
server or client authentication failed

Server stack trace:
at System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.SocketHandler.ReadFromSocket(Byte[]
buffer, Int32 offset,


II repeat, it's possible to connect to the Oracle database from this 

1) with the Oracle Tool.

2) with odbc connection

3) with the orchestration if it runs inside Visual Studio

It's not an Username/Password  issue!

The Biztalk Server works fine because we tested it with another 
orchestration who works on an Other Biztalk Server. We import it (msi 
package) and the orchestration works fine.

But if we copy the orchestration project file from an other dev system tio 
this computer and try to compile and export the MSI the same error occurs.

Do you have an Idea?



5.Oracle 10g 10.0.2 client, to connect oracle 8 server

Dear Group members,

 I am using Oracle 10 g 10.0.2 client software to connect 9i,10g and

it is working very good with the 9i and 10g..
when i trying to connect 8i server ./. it giving error

<b>  "ORA-03134: Connections to this server version are no longer
supported." </b>

Can i install, 2 or more  version of oracle clients in same system,
becoz .. currently using client software is well configured for some
SQL server BI agents, if i un-install current 10g client, it will
infect my software .. process..

if, it can be possible, what kind of things i take care, before
installation ..

 What is the best oracle client software can suitable for most of the

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