Automatic Software Removal after Specified Time

Microsoft Systems Management Server

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  • 1. GMT option off by 1hour
    I'm using the GMT options in my advertisements and have found that they appear to be off by 1hour. I have setup an advert to start at 8PM-GMT and run at 8:10PM-GMT. My test machines are getting the advert at 5PM-AST and 2PM-MST; the advert is then running at 5:10PM-AST and 2:10PM-MST. My MP for the test machine in AST is actually in the EST timezone and the MP for the test machine in the MST is in the same timezone and actually is in the same building. Any ideas why this is taking 1hour longer then it's supposed to? I should be receiving these adverts at 4PM-AST and 1PM-MST. I have performed a policy refresh to ensure that the test machines have the updated policy.........Thank you!
  • 2. MS06-055: no catalog update?
    I know MS rush-released MS06-055 (VML vulnerability) a couple days ago, and I've been waiting for the catalog/XML file (used by MBSA/SMS) to be updated as well so that clients will properly report their inventory back to SMS as having MS06-055 installed. I can manually create a package to deploy MS06-055 but since it will not be using the ITMU I don't believe this will facilitate proper inventory reporting. Unless someone knows a way to force clients to report back to site database that they have this patch installed, even though it will not be deployed via the ITMU?
  • 3. Newbie Question: Distribute one package with 5 programs in SMS 2003
    Hi, Let's say I have one package with 5 programs in it. Every program must be executed in a certain sequence ( say : setup1 , setup2, setup3.. ).How do I make only 1 advertisment that will distribute all those packages in sequence ? In CA (Unicenter Software Delivery ), you can make a "procedure group" that contains the different programs that you want to distribute. Then you make an "advertisement" of this procedure group to a pc. I known about this feature "run program first ", but that would make every program dependant of the other. Thanks, Didier
  • 4. Restart Timer
    I have been distributing alot of new apps and updates to my client systems and usually have to to a restart after. The restart timer count down is 5 minutes. Is there anyway to customize this so that I can determine how long the restart count down is?

Automatic Software Removal after Specified Time

Postby VmVyc2lvbjc » Fri, 22 Sep 2006 19:36:02 GMT

Is there a way in SMS 2003 to specify an uninstall after a certain amount of 
days?  In other words I send out the application and if I specified 30 days 
the program would send out an uninstall application to remove.

This seems like this may not be built in however I would imagine there could 
be ways to do this still.  Maybe this will be in SMSV4? 


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