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  • 1. Querie to verifiy installed patches from a collection
    Was wondering if someone has already created a query for this?? A monthly security package is created using the distribute Software Updates and pushed to a collection. What I've found is that the advertisement status shows Recieved,Failures,Programs Started, Program Success etc. I need a quick way to scan the success against the entire collection to find out the remaining machines. Any ideals?? The main problem is that if advertisements are run using the environment of "Only when user is logged on" can produce a successful result but with zero patches installed.
  • 2. Advertisement status not showing?
    Hi, I have a single SMS 2003 SP1 server I use for management of about 500 devices. Lately I've noticed when I create advertisements they function but they never show up in the System Status-Advertisement Status window. They seem to be talking to teh clients and installing but not showing in this section??? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  • 3. SMS Client downloads packages
    Hi, After the unattended installation of a system the advanced SMS client, the client wasn't assigned to the site (and only two of the eight actions were available). Several minutes after manually assigning the client to the site and triggering the action 'Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle' the eight actions were available again. The client also received the advertisements but after starting a small advertisement the client indicated that the package needed to be downloaded...... The estimated time for the download of the package was first more than an half hour but in fact it was downloaded quite fast. The configuration of the advertisement is to download the package only when a local distribution point isn't available. Can anyone explain this behaviour? Why is the advanced client thinking a local distribution point isn't available? The only difference for this system is that it has a static IP. Some info IP address: 10.68.176.??? The site bounderies contains (type IP subnet) The discovery method 'network discovery' contains the subnet to search with the subnet Thanks in advance..... Ramon
  • 4. Deleting an advertisement - What happens
    I accidentally made two advertisements for the same collection for the SAME program. I deleted one of the advertisements in the Advertisements Section of the Admin console. Will that deletee the advertisement from showing up at the client?
  • 5. run advertised programs not showing passed advertisements to rerun
    I know someone who on his Run Advertised programs control panel shows all the advertised programs that have ever run with date listed of when and with the option to run again. How is this setup? My system does not keep this list there. Once this program has run, it is removed.

Custom Notifications

Postby Yml0dGVyMzI » Wed, 13 Sep 2006 23:51:02 GMT


Is there a way to generate a message during a package distribution to inform 
the user of the installation and optionally, to be able to postpone for a 
certain amount of time?


RE: Custom Notifications

Postby TWF0dGhldyBIdWRzb24 » Tue, 19 Sep 2006 22:08:01 GMT

The advertised Programs Client Agent gives a popup and count down when 
something is going to install.  As for a postpone, I don't think you can 
easily.  You could send down an HTA file as a notification.  HTA is just a 
HTML Application file, I use them for some notifcations that I want the user 
to know about.   In this file you could write vbscript to stop the transfer 
agent for say x hours.  The HTA file would be sent down before the other 
application runs.  

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