Recording macros?

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    Hi, We currently have a HP 9800 printer, but for some reason the scaling function of this printer doesn't work in combination with our Publisher 2003 files. So when I try printing an A4 on an A3 page, it centers the A4 on the A3 page instead of increasing its size. We only have this problem in publisher, in every other program this scaling function works fine (word, powerpoint, photoshop, ... ), so it doesn't seem to be a printer driver problem. Is this a setting in publisher I've overlooked?
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    I have an access DB that has the photos OLE in the record and when I go to do the catolog merger in Publisher (2003) I get all of my info but when I do the prine preview I do not see the pictures. Any suggestions? I did select the photo field as a merge field in the publisher merge doc. Any help is appriciated!
  • 3. Used Pack and Go, Unable to Access & Edit File on Own Computer
    Using Publisher 2003 on XP Media Reference original post XXXX@XXXXX.COM I have read all about Pack and Go already, especially since this problem has happened and that I've used it before numerous times. However that info doesn't help. I'm 99% sure that I did NOT put to commercial printing but rather take to another computer. It was saved with imbedded fonts/graphics. Not links. The file is locked, even on the originating computer, and I can not even repack and go, it is black but when you go into it is whited out. Save as is not even an option, totally blacked. Some options black so seems available function but when you go into them they aren't/dimmed. So I can't even resave it as a regular file. This is for a deadline church project which will probably now be late since it was for Thursday. Basically the only thing you can do is look at or print this file, without access to page setup. I should be able to get into it as the originator and seems it is not recognizing that. I have read all that I've been able to find on locked files in discussion/help files with no way found to alleviate this. With my regular work I'm not going to be able to duplicate in time by redoing which is my last option. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Both my contact at church who is Publisher proficient and me at basic are puzzled since this just is strange that I can't get back into my own document. Thanks
  • 4. Art Explosion Publisher Pro
    Does anyone know if I will be able to open a file with Publisher that was created with Art explosion Publisher Pro. thanks

Recording macros?

Postby Ian » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 01:45:45 GMT

Using Publisher 2002.

Is there a way to record macros and assign them to keystrokes, like in 


RE: Recording macros?

Postby pmelek » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 02:03:19 GMT

Sorry Ian. Unfortunately, no version of Publisher comes with a macro recorder.

Re: Recording macros?

Postby Ed Bennett » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 04:55:59 GMT

After managing to set up OE-QuoteFix on his new PC, Ed reads a message
from Ian < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >...

However, you can use Shortcut Manager for Publisher, available at
 http://www.**--****.com/ , to assign keyboard shortcuts to commands in
Publisher, and you can use the Visual Basic editor to write macros.

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher
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