Tie::IxHash::Easy with "eval()"



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Tie::IxHash::Easy with "eval()"

Postby Pat » Thu, 07 Feb 2008 09:07:06 GMT


I'd like to use "Tie::IxHash" to maintain the order of keys in a hash.  
Since the hash can contain other hashes (and so on), I need to use 
"Tie::IxHash::Easy" so that the nested hashes also maintain their ordering.

I'm reading the entire hash from a file.  The format of the file is exactly 
like Data::Dumper so that I can build the hash by simply saying:


This fails because there's no way to "tie" the internal workings of eval to 
"Tie::IxHash::Easy" so it always just returns a normal hash.  Copying the 
returned into an IxHash has no effect because the ordering is already lost.

So, how can I load an IxHash from a file in Data::Dumper format and 
preserve its order (including nested hashes)?


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have the permission to have modules installed, especially across all
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admins can be trying to say the least) is much higher than the simple
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