HELP! Background music


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HELP! Background music

Postby MissMarla » Sun, 17 Aug 2003 09:27:18 GMT

is drowning out the narration, but narration is too dry 
without the background music ... any suggestions?

Re: HELP! Background music

Postby Echo S » Sun, 17 Aug 2003 11:36:33 GMT

Replied to your previous post. Please give us more than an hour to
respond before reposting.


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I've tried everything I know to get background music from 
midies to play continuously in a Power Point 
presentation.  I never had any trouble with the older 
version but although I've done everything it says to do 
it still doesn't work.  Or it may work for a few slides 
and then freeze the rest of the presentation.  Any 
thoughts?  I'm using Windows XP

2.background music.... Need HELP

I have created several large PowerPoint that are timed to background music. 
 Regardless of weather I save them as a PPS or PPT the background music never 
travels from the computer which the pps or ppt was created (the rest of the 
creation works appropriately).  I have places the background music on any 
disk to which the pps/ppt is burned, and if the pps/ppt is e-mailed the music 
does not travel, thus removing a vital element from the show.  I believe the 
same would be true for narration and movies.

Question:  How do you create a PPS or PPT in which background music, 
narration and movies can work appropriately within an e-mailed/burned 

Note:  I understand that the ppt/pps cues my computer to play a give music 
piece, so how do I make the location of the music universal to all 

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I have a presentation for kids and i want to have music go all the way 
through with out stoping is there a way to do that? I highlighted all slides 
pushed insert music add music and the music only stays on the 1st slide. This 
is for preschool and kindergarden now later want to do for the older kids.

help me please

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Is there a way to set background music for a PowerPoint presentation?   I
want to set audio files or CD tracks to play as a background for a number of
slides, and when one track ends, another starts.   I was assuming the way to
do this would be embed the first track into the first slide, and then embed
the next song into the first slide in the show after the slide where the
first track ended.   The only problem I run in to is when the slideshow
advances it doesn't keep the background sound into the next track.

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I am including background music in a PowerPoint presentation .  Each slide is 
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