Can Array String Values Be Assigned to a Struct



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Can Array String Values Be Assigned to a Struct

Postby Sam Clark » Wed, 21 Apr 2004 07:01:08 GMT

The following code puts a structure location in an array field: 
XrefArray(i) = "ArrayIn(i).Field" & RefText.Substring(NumStart + 1) 
Array(i).Field1 is the value now assigned to XrefArray(i) 
How can I now assign the value in this array and,
therefore, the value in ArrayIn(i).Field1 to another struct? 

OutputArray(i).Field1 = XrefArray(i) 

Or can I? 
Thanks for any help.

Re: Can Array String Values Be Assigned to a Struct

Postby Armin Zingler » Wed, 21 Apr 2004 18:25:07 GMT

"Sam Clark" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > schrieb

See your first thread about the same question.


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1.Difficult Question: Assigning string default values to class/struct ConfigurationProperty attributes

Hello Group,

I posted this in microsoft.public.dotnet.general about a week ago but
haven't had any replies....

The Visual Studio 2005 help for
provides the following sample:

    DefaultValue = "0:10:0",
    IsRequired = false)]
[TimeSpanValidator(MinValueString = "0:0:30",
    MaxValueString = "5:00:0",
    ExcludeRange = false)]
public TimeSpan MaxIdleTime
        return (TimeSpan)this["maxIdleTime"];
        this["maxIdleTime"] = value;


What I am wondering is how does the DefaultValue parameter from the
sample code work, i.e.:

>>   DefaultValue = "0:10:0",

TimeSpan does not have a constructor or "=" operator that takes a
string parameter, and TimeSpan does not implement IConvertible.  For
example, the following does not complile:

>>   TimeSpan ts = "0:10:0";

TimeSpan does have a Parse() method that takes a string parameter,

>> public static TimeSpan Parse(string s);

but I do not see how it is associated in the above sample code.

So again how does this code from the sample work in regards to
assigning a string
DefaultValue to a TimeSpan value? i.e.:

>>   DefaultValue = "0:10:0",

My guess is TimeSpan.Parse() is somehow being called, but where?

Keller Beyer

2.Mashaling a VB6 Array Of Struct to C# Array of Struct


Is it possible to convert a VB6 Array of Struct
a C# Array Of Struct ?

The test context is a C# application calling a VB6 ActiveX DLL Function 
using UDT (User Defined Type) and array of UDT.

Example : (VB6AX is an ActiveX VB6 DLL)

(VB6 Side)

Type VB6Struct
	d1 as double
	d2 as double
	l1 as long
End Type

(C# Side)

struct CSharpStruct
	double d1;
	double d2;
	double d3;
	long l1;
private VB6AX.CTest  AXInstance;	// ActiveX Class Instance

AXInstance = new VB6AX.CTest(); // Instanciate vb6 class

AXInstance.VB6Struct myData = new AXInstance.VB6Struct();
AXInstance.FillStruct(ref myData); 
// (FillStruct is a vb6 class method to fill the structure)

CSharpStruct myData = new CSharpStruct();
AXInstance.FillStruct(ref myData);

I have a 
'cannot convert from ref CSharpStruct to ref AXInstance.VB6Struct'.

How to convert the ActiveX DLL Struct to the C# managed struct ?
The end of the story is that I would like my VB6 ActiveX DLL to fill an 
array of structure, called by the C# client.
The filled array of structure should be a 'managed' array of struct so I 
do have fast access speed to its elements later on in the application.

-> How to convert/mashal a VB6 Array Of Struct to a C# Array of Struct
(the C# array should be definied as an array of managed struct and not 
through the ActiveX unmanaged structure declaration)

VB6AX.VB6Struct[] array1 = null;	// array of unmanaged VB6 Struct
CSharpStruct[] array2 = null;	// array of C# managed Struct
					// bot struct represents the same thg

-> How to convert a ref VB6AX.VB6Struct to a ref CSharpStruct ?

-> How to convert a ref VB6AX.VB6Struct[] to a ref CSharpStruct[] ?

Can you help ?


3.Array string value assigned to a structure

The following code puts a structure location in an array field: 
XrefArray(i) = "ArrayIn(i).Field" & RefText.Substring(NumStart + 1) 
Array(i).Field1 is the value now assigned to XrefArray(i) 
How can I now assign the value in this array and,
therefore, the value in ArrayIn(i).Field1 to another struct? 

OutputArray(i).Field1 = XrefArray(i) 

Or can I? 
Thanks for any help.

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how can I assign a byte array (read from a device) to a C# class or struct?


5.array of struct containing array of struct

I have a c++ function which requires that I pass an array of
structures which contain further arrays of other structures.  I have
been unable to do this in c#.  Could anyone give me some pointers on
how I might be able to perform this task?  I have my structures as
follows, and i'm passing an array of MySchema (possibly over a dozen)
into the function to be filled.  Each MySchema contains a 16 element
array of MyDataFormat.  I've managed to perform quite a bit of interop
programming successfully, but this one is really stumping me.

public struct MyVersion
	public uint Major;
	public uint Minor;

public struct MyDataFormat
	public ushort formatOwner;
	public ushort formatID;

[StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet=CharSet.Ansi)]
public struct MySchema
	[MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValArray, SizeConst=16)]
	public byte[] moduleID;
	public uint deviceID;
	[MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValArray, SizeConst=68)]
	public char[] Name;
	public MyVersion specVersion;
	public MyVersion productVersion;
	[MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValArray, SizeConst=68)]
	public char[] vender;
	[MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValArray, SizeConst=16)]
	public MyDataFormat[] supportedFormats;
	public uint numSupportedFormats;
	public uint factorsMask;
	public uint operations;
	public uint options;
	public uint payloadPolicy;
	public uint maxPayloadSize;
	public uint maxSize;
	public uint maxIdentify;
	[MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValArray, SizeConst=68)]
	public char[] description;
	public char path;

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