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RichTextBox - the correct choice and how to loop

Postby JCCDevel » Sun, 16 Dec 2007 03:20:33 GMT


I'm working on a pretty simple web app in which the user will be
pasting in a list of values (letters and number  - like "1V456") most
likely from an Excel worksheet.  I then want the application to check
this list against tables in a sql server database for different things
(like - does it exist in database, etc.)  My co-worker thinks that a
richtextbox is the best control to use for this.  I'm new to VB.Net so
I'm not real familiar with this control.  Is it the right way to go?
I've been doing a little research on the web and don't see it used too
much for this situation.  I have been playing with it a bit and have
gotten results to point to a table, but it is adding in strange
characters and blank entires.  Here is the code:


        For Each str As String In RichTextBox1.Lines
            InsertSQL = "Insert into Test_test values ('" & str & "
            dr1 = SqlHelper.ExecuteReader(CONNSTRING,
CommandType.Text, InsertSQL)


Is a "For each" statement the way to go?

Thanks in advance for your time!


Re: RichTextBox - the correct choice and how to loop

Postby Lloyd Sheen » Mon, 17 Dec 2007 02:27:01 GMT

You should be using parameters to execute your SQL statement.

InsertSQL = "Insert into Test_test values (@InsertValue)"

Then you are executing using a datareader.  Since you are not reading 
anything use ExecuteNonQuery


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