Question on the Feature Comparison shape (in Charting Shapes)


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Question on the Feature Comparison shape (in Charting Shapes)

Postby b2xkaGF1cw » Thu, 09 Oct 2008 04:24:08 GMT

How do I modify the Feature Comparison shape (in Charting Shapes) with more 
than 10 rows/columns in Visio 2007

I'm trying to build a chart that is 12 columns, by 18 rows.

The shape is "mis-behaving" when I try to change it.

Thank you! 


Re: Question on the Feature Comparison shape (in Charting Shapes)

Postby John Goldsmith (Visio MVP) » Thu, 09 Oct 2008 17:22:42 GMT

Hello JLH,

The Feature Comparison shape is really a grouped shape that contains 10 rows 
and 10 columns that you choose to reveal or hide depending on the custom 
properties you set ('Set Fields...').

So if you want to extend this you can either edit the shape and add more 
rows and columns to the group (bear in mind that each cell is a separate 
shape) or mock up an extended matrix using other shapes.

Unless you're pretty used to the ShapeSheet (have a look over here if you're 
not  http://www.**--****.com/ ) 
then I think I would suggest the latter option.  Here's a quick walk 

1) Start with your original 10x10 Feature Comparison shape

2) Add three 'Grid' shapes to the right, bottom and corner, and stretch them 
to be the same size as the Feature Comparison grid.

3) For the row and column headers - open the Drawing Explorer window using 
the View menu and navigate to your Feature Comparison shape.

4) Expand this shape in the treeview to reveal the sub shapes and select a 
few until you see a row header selected on the page

5) With a row header selected on the drawing page, press Ctrl+D to duplicate 
the shape as many times as you need to create your extra row headers.

6) Duplicate one more row header and with it selected press Ctrl+R to rotate 

7) Now duplicate your rotated shape as many times as you need to create your 
extra column headers.

8) Once you're done you can select all of your shapes and press Shift+Ctrl+G 
to group them all.  Note - you'll lose the ability to subsequently change 
the grid size but at least you have a grid of just the right size.

Hope that helps.

Best regards


John Goldsmith (Visio MVP)

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