visualization problems


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  • 1. Gantt chart without specific calendar dates
    I need to chart a process that our organization performs quarterly. It starts on a Thursday and ends Wednesday two weeks later (covers 14 days). It's cyclical and completely independent of specific dates. Can I create a Gantt chart that just lets me show weekdays and not dates? I managed to hide the columns showing Start and Finish dates and un-protect the calendar dates to show days of the week instead, but what about that "April 2005" that's completely irrelevant? Or what about avoiding these workarounds altogether? Thanks if anyone knows.
  • 2. How do I use other shapes than boxes in an Org. chart?
    I created an org chart with boxes in Visio. I'd like to use ovals and other shapes to more accurately reflect the various levels of employees, etc. However, when I change the shape I can no longer hide/expand the subordinates. How can I change the shapes and still maintain the ability to hide/expand subordinates?
  • 3. Hyperlinks Don't work in SAW VML IFRAME - Visio 2003
    Visio 2003 Prof 1. Hyperlinks in SAW to VML (no IFRAME) work OK. 2. Hyperlinks in SAW to VML (with IFRAME) do not work OK (blank IFRAME) 3. Hyperlinks in SAW to SVG (no IFRAME) work OK. 4. Hyperlinks in SAW to SVG (with IFRAME) work OK. (Hyerlinks are to other pages within the same document): Above seems to point to the JavaScript functions in the VML format option do not correctly form their hyperlinks when they are within an IFRAME. Has anyone fixed this? Are MS going to fix this?
  • 4. My shapes won't move freely in visio
    After I copied some shapes from another sheet, I'm now having problems moving some shapes around. It's like they are attached with an invisible thread to some spot and just won't move beyond a short distance. I've rebooted etc. Any suggestions why this is happening?

Re: visualization problems

Postby Dr. Ephemeron » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 15:25:09 GMT

I don't know, but you can configure it to save as JPG or GIF images instead.
You don't get the option to select image size that way, but it will work on
any browser.

Save as Web Page>> Publish... >> General Tab >> Format Options >> Primary
Ouput Type.

Then pick JPG or GIF for the best compatibility.

Re: visualization problems

Postby Dr. Ephemeron » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 01:39:45 GMT

Well how come you don't just post the original Viso file and they can use
the free Visio viewer to view it?

Re: visualization problems

Postby Andy [MS] » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 07:06:44 GMT

If you're using VML as your Save as Web output format, IE 5+ should
automatically detect what it needs and go out and get it. Do you have some
security settings on your users' machines which might be preventing them
from installing the component IE needs?

Microsoft Corporation

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Re: visualization problems

Postby francesco » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 22:34:23 GMT

o, I don't have any security setting blocking me from
downloading VML; simply, on some pc it doesn't ask for any
download, while on some others it asks, but then I can't
find the files.
Where should I look for them?

5+ should
Do you have some
preventing them
confers no rights.
kind of
exactly in

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