Org Charts Auto-arrange in VBA


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Org Charts Auto-arrange in VBA

Postby peter.allan » Thu, 28 Sep 2006 18:05:24 GMT

Hello, I'm trying to automate the creation of org-charts using Visio
VBA. I can create the org charts and do a certain amount of
manipulation, however I am struggling to "re-arrange" the shapes on the
page once the chart has been created.

The Org Chart Wizard tends to put subordinates in 2 columns below a
Manager, even where there are 30 or 40 subordinates and the shapes run
off the bottom of the pages. Manually I can improve this by selecting
the Manager, going to Shape -> Actions -> Arrange subordinates on the
menu, and clicking on the relevant button to re-arrange the shapes into
4 columns.

So is there any way I can run this 'auto-arrange' option in VBA ? I
cannot find anything in the Language References on the Microsoft site.

Even better would be some examples of how I can 'move' shapes around
the page more generally so I can move into (for example) 6 columns.

I have also seen reference on here to changing the orgch_u.vst file,
however I don't have one on my pc (I'm using Visio 2000), and I don't
know if it would help in this case anyway.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

RE: Org Charts Auto-arrange in VBA

Postby SnVuZVRoZVNlY29uZA » Thu, 28 Sep 2006 20:50:01 GMT

Sometimes you can get the name of command and parameter
by analysing the menu with vba, though it is not always true.


Re: Org Charts Auto-arrange in VBA

Postby Chris Roth [MVP] » Wed, 04 Oct 2006 20:16:55 GMT

Hi Peter,

I found one of my posts from a few weeks ago related to this topic, and have 
pasted it below. Have a look!

Hope this helps,

Chris Roth
Visio MVP

More Visio shapes, articles, development info and pure diagramming fun at:

Org Chart Commands
Two ideas:

One, you can analyze the Orgchart menu via Visio's UI object to see what the
commands are. Since I don't do this sooo often, I always forget and find it
a bit of a pain...just laziness really.

Two, select an orgchart shape and choose Window > Show ShapeSheet. In the
Actions section, you'll see a bunch of formulas with RUNADDONWARGS. The
add-on is called OrgC11, and you can see a whole slew of parameters that can
be fed to it.

Looking at this, I took a lucky guess and figured "/cmd=LayoutPage" would do
what you needed. Sure enough it works. So you can test in VBA using this
line of code:

Call Visio.Application.Addons.ItemU("OrgC11").Run("/cmd=LayoutPage")

Re: Org Charts Auto-arrange in VBA

Postby peter.allan » Sat, 14 Oct 2006 19:01:08 GMT

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply. Regarding the info in your post - when I look at
the ShapeSheet for the employees in my Org Chart the RUNADDONWARGS
seems to be different from yours - there is no add-on called "orgc11",
and no /cmd=Layoutpage option. The only add-on is "orgc".

Do I need to get a new version of Visio (I'm currently using Visio Pro
2002 SR-1) ?

Or is this "orgc11" add-on downloadable, or installable, somehow ?

Thanks very much for any help,

Re: Org Charts Auto-arrange in VBA

Postby John Marshall, MVP » Sun, 15 Oct 2006 04:45:27 GMT

isio 2003's version number is 11, so orgc11 would be for Visio 2003.

John... Visio MVP

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