How can I extract the text from a viso document?


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    When copying an object from one Visio page to another, I want to paste the object in the same absolute position as the original object (the same way copy/paste works in Power Point). How can I do this automatically so that I do not have to manually adjust the XY coordinates after pasting the object?
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    The subject is almost the whole thing, but for the sake of exposition, is there a method or utility that would let me change the strings in the property fields of UML classes? The built-in Replace will do the class titles, but I'm not seeing how to do find-and-replace on the operations, for instance. Thanks for reading. Hector
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    Hi I have a visio document with 20 org chartsm that are pretty finished but th e problem i am having is that each box only shows the Name, Title and Dept of that person. I also want to show worker role. In the past i have had no problem hiding/showing fields so their must be something wrong with this document. When i right click a box and select properties I can see the worker role. When I go to Organization Charts > Option > Fields In the block the Worker Role isn't there. What i have noticed is that if I go to the custom properties of a box and then define the label for Worker Name = Worker Name but the name = Row_7...if i change that ot Worker_Role, i then get the worker roles in the Org Charts>Options>Fields list and can choose it, but is only works for that one box. I can select the box text and go to Insert>Field....and that works but again i have to do it for each box. I've tried creating a custom property set but to no avail, it only seems to work on one block/box. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance -- _______________________ Naz, London
    Hi! I am from Argentina and I have a question: how can I count words of a Visio File? Please, help me!!! Thanks!!!

How can I extract the text from a viso document?

Postby dmlzaW9uZW9waHl0ZQ » Sat, 20 Nov 2004 08:21:02 GMT

I just want the text that is displayed in the visio document, any suggestions 

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