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  • 1. Visio 2003 Pro and ORM creation doubt
    I was looking at .NET Show episode 25, where they talk about ORM and Visio. I was looking at a thing they call the Verbalizer. My question is, where do I get that window to establish predicates and examples? I have installed Visio 2003 Pro, and it seems it doesn't appear anywhere I have already opened the ORM Diagram type, but that screen, along with the Database menu does not appears. I have already tried Repairing my installation, but everything seems fine Thanks.
  • 2. interface inheritance
    Does anyone know how to model interface inheritance in a UML static structure diagram. Visio does not seem to let me model interface inheritance hierarchies...(!)
  • 3. Colors lost when pasting into Word
    When I paste a Visio 2000 drawing into word, I loose the fill colors. I have read the MS articles (292817 & 305331) dealing with this. These are not acceptable solutions to me because 1) I don't want the entire drawing and 2) the resolution of the GIF files created is poor. After researching this, I have found that this only happens when I select custom colors. Does anyone know if this is fixed in later version of Visio or have more standard colors at least been added? Thanks,
  • 4. Beta Expiration Date
    Can anyone confirm the expiration date on the Visio 2003 Beta software? The CD says 1/31/04 but the sleeve it came in says 11/30/03


Postby Adam Raff » Fri, 03 Dec 2004 05:16:00 GMT


I was using Visio 2000 and I found a lot of  shapes in the networking
section there.  When I installed the 2003 I found that I was missing a lot
of them.  Is there a way to get them from the web site?  Also does anybody
know where I can find shapes for APC racks?

Adam Raff

Re: Stencels

Postby Al Edlund » Sat, 04 Dec 2004 00:13:37 GMT

this from visio help

VNE Sampler (Visio Professional)
The VNE Sampler shapes have been removed from Microsoft Office Visio 2003, 
but some equipment manufacturers may have shapes available on their Web 

this from the visio web site


and then of course you can also check John Marshall's site 
( for a list of 3rd party sites.


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