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  • 1. Database and Visio
    I have been trying to add a database to a network Drawing of Cisco Switches. In each tab of the Visio diagram I have a different location and a number of different switches I would like to database these visio diagrams so that 1.) There is a label beside each switch with the Switches name(database record 2.) Other Static information on each page such as Lanspan Circuit number 3.) a hyperlink on each switch that will show a query on that switch on each port. (ie I double ckick the switch and it brings up a query sheet for that particular switch that will show Port Settings, Description Etc. Is this possible to do or am I trying something that can't be done in Visio 2002 Standard?
  • 2. When I convert to Autocad I can't see the symbols...
    When I convert a Visio Drawing to AutoCAD format the only thing that shows up is logical connector symbols (Comm- Link, Bus, Etc..) not the regular symbols (Cell Phones, Hubs, etc..). Help
  • 3. Help with drawing or layers
    I have a neighborhood map that was created in Visio by someone else. It really looks great, but its hard to work with because it is still all made up from seperate lines and sections as he drew it. For instance I can't "fill color" in certain blocks because they are not blocks but seperate lines. Or trying to fill in one block fills in a whole section because of the order in which he drew things. Also, all the name lables are on the same "layer" or "level" as the lines, so I keep accidently moving the lines when I'm trying to move names and numbers around. What I would like to do is "Merge" or "Flatten" the whole thing so that its all one big line drawing on a base layer. Then I can create other layers for my names and numbers or fill in squares on the base layer with colors. I'm thinking of something like "Flatten Layers" in Photoshop. So, how do I do this? Or is there a way I could scan in the blank map and convert it lines and sections in Visio? Thanks for the help
  • 4. Guide
    I am new to visio and do not have a study guide. Could you recomened a tutoral or a book I can't seem to get my guides to come up on top. I have tried the following.. 1.) Right clicking the guide to highlight it at "Shape" I choose "Bring to front". That changes nothing 2.) Then I go to "Format" "Line" and make sure I have a Solid Line, The color is Blue and the transparency is set to minimum and still it remains invisable.
  • 5. Organization chart - Unicode characters
    I'm trying to build an org chart from an access 2000 database using Visio 2000. The database contains Greek text fields. The text appears as question marks. Anyone know how to do this ?


Postby Adam Raff » Fri, 03 Dec 2004 05:16:00 GMT


I was using Visio 2000 and I found a lot of  shapes in the networking
section there.  When I installed the 2003 I found that I was missing a lot
of them.  Is there a way to get them from the web site?  Also does anybody
know where I can find shapes for APC racks?

Adam Raff

Re: Stencels

Postby Al Edlund » Sat, 04 Dec 2004 00:13:37 GMT

this from visio help

VNE Sampler (Visio Professional)
The VNE Sampler shapes have been removed from Microsoft Office Visio 2003, 
but some equipment manufacturers may have shapes available on their Web 

this from the visio web site


and then of course you can also check John Marshall's site 
( for a list of 3rd party sites.


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