Visio 2003 hangs up when I copy objects


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Visio 2003 hangs up when I copy objects

Postby SWdvcnM » Fri, 28 Oct 2005 17:49:09 GMT

My Visio 2003 hangs up when I copy all object. I do these steps:
I am created database diagram with reverse engineering.
After I marked all objects with crtl+a button pressing,
And Copy all object with ctrl+c button press

After Visio closed and restart without created diagram

I found this record in Application event manager;

Faulting application visio.exe, version 11.0.5509.0, stamp 42d0430e, 
faulting module elements.dll, version 11.0.3216.0, stamp 3f3e2152, debug? 0, 
fault address 0x000092aa.

What happened with Visio?

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