Displaying multiple database fields around a shape


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Displaying multiple database fields around a shape

Postby REpNY0dlZQ » Wed, 08 Mar 2006 04:18:26 GMT

I have an application where I need to display 3 basic fields from an Access 
database (2003) on a Vision shape (Visio Pro 2003).  I need to display the 
key field and two others.  I cannot seem to add the other text.  Ideally, my 
shape would be a master on a stencil.  Have been able to link the shape to 
the database and create/link the custom properties to the database but I 
cannot seem to display the custom properties.  Any help would be great.

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Currently, when I use the Database Wizard, all I can find is
Shape.Text, which happens to control the text for "Task Name" in the
"PERT 1" shape.  So, while I can populate the "Task Name", I can't see
the other fields like early start, late start, or duration.

How do I get these fields to show up in the Cells column of the
Cells:Database Fields:Links dialog box of the Database Wizard?

My assumption is the issue is I am using a grouped shape which is
actually multiple shapes, each with its own "Shape.Text" field.  Since
the "Task Name" shape happens to be the primary shape in the group, it
is the one that is selected for control by the database.

I am using Office 2003 with Visio 2003.

How can I get the Cells field to have all the Shapes of the Group PERT
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Anthony Law

5.Displaying MULTIPLE Custom Properties as Text on Visio Shape

Thanks to this newsgroup and to judicious GOOGLE use, I was able to
figure out how to use Insert => Field => Custom Formula to
automagically display text based on a Shape's Custom Property.

But I needed to display five (5) Custom Properties.  After much
exprimenting (and cursing and Diet Coke) I think I stumbled on a
workable solution:

After creating my (Grouped) Shape,and ensuring assigned Custom
Properties were just right, I used the TextBox Tool to create five (5)
separate text boxes, sized, and positioned them over the Shape. I then
used the Custom Formula trick in EACH text box to point to the
appropriate Custom Property (i.e., Shape.1!Prop.xxxx).  The value of
the Custom Propoerty appears as desired.  Next I select the entire
group of objects using the Select Tool and drawing a rectagle which
includes the undereslying Shape and the five (5) defined text boxes, I
drag it to the Stencil to create a new "Master".

(I found  that if I tried to UNGROUP my shape, add the text boxes,
then re-GROUP everything, the shape's Custom Properties were
eliminated when I performed the UNGROUP, so there was nothing I could
use in the Custom Formula....)

I think I understand the importance of assigning the Custom Properties
to the Shape;  when I reGROUP everything and drag it to the Stencil,
it seems to do the trick.

From then on, I can drag & drop the newly created Master, and the
Custom Properties pop-up as expected (according to the "Ask" and
"Hidden" property selections).  And the Cusom Properties do appear to
apply to the instanced shape on the drawing (based on Property Sheet

So everyhting is working as I wanted - AND IT SCARES ME!  I feel like
I am missing something fundamental and want to check this approach
before I use these stencils (I created several in the same manner) in
dozens of drawings.  I don't want to find out down the line that this
was a stupid approach (even though it *seems* to work.  As Jim Carey
shouted in "The Mask": "SOMEBODY STOP ME!"

I am darned lousy (dangerous,really) with VBA, so I was searchhing for
a solution using the standard interface elements without having to
learn VBA and the Visio object model.  (I have experience dabbling in
Outlook's object model and VBA environment - and it is a very
frighteneing place to be....)

Thanks for any critical analysis of the above method!  (In other
words, flames are OK - I can take it as long as I get a workable
solution out of this!)


cal*AT*oakharbor.net  <--change the obvious....

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