How do I create a new Organization Chart wizard template in Visio.


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How do I create a new Organization Chart wizard template in Visio.

Postby dGlua2VydG95 » Thu, 02 Dec 2004 08:35:10 GMT

the template that is currently used for the US Units isn't quite what I 
wanted, I need the setup on the screen to be the same everytime, properties, 
size, type (manager, executive, position, etc.), layout (different than what 
is there, and the fields that show.  How do I create a new wizard template?  
My org chart is very large, and I will have to split a lot of it up, and also 
still need to be able to be linked to an ODBC file in SQL.  Thanks!

Re: How do I create a new Organization Chart wizard template in Visio.

Postby Mike Mueller [MSFT] » Fri, 03 Dec 2004 02:39:34 GMT

All of the wizard behavior is implemented in code but you can control much 
of it through command line parameters.

Search Visio help for the following topic:
"Create an organization chart from a data file using the command line or Run 

 It will provide all the command line arguments for the wizard.

Mike Mueller
WinFX SDK Team

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